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Meet your tour leaders, Greg & Halle Halle Eavelyn & Greg Roach

Greg Roach & Halle Eavelyn are the co-founders of Spirit Quest Tours. They combine their expertise and love of travel with a deep desire to bring people to the places where they have seen the spiritual alchemy that happens on sacred journeys.

A life-long student of comparative religion and spirituality, Greg had a visionary experience of the transcendent unity behind all creation during a pilgrimage to Egypt in 1997. Subsequently, he answered Spirit’s call to offer initiatory pilgrimages to like-minded souls, building on 10 years of sacred travel in Egypt, the Holy Land, Greece, France, Scotland, America, Bali, Eastern Europe and England.

Halle is responsible for the day-to-day experiences of our guests while on the trips, as well as overseeing the office management at home.  She helps to support and guide each trip, both spiritually and physically, and adds musical inspiration as Spirit Quest’s resident muse.