From the crowded monuments in bustling cities to the relaxing and serene beaches, the hunt for the best destinations to travel with your family is not an easy task. A family includes people of different age and gender, so the satisfaction of everyone is necessary to consider. A family should always visit a place that suits everyone, have enough entertainment options to amuse every traveler and provides a unique way to get away from the hassles of daily lives.

To help you with your holiday planning for 2018 trip with the family, we have asked some of the best travel agencies in London, and other worldwide experts for their suggestions on which destination will suit your family best to travel. Their approvals include traveling destinations from Thailand and Australia to Chile, Canada, Maldives, Germany, Denmark and much more. These destinations are famous for their natural sceneries and landmarks, along with their family resorts, beaches restaurants, and other amazing places. So decide for yourself where you want to take your family to in 2018, and enjoy some quality time with them. Wishing you and your family happy travels from us in advance!


Chile is one of the best destinations to travel with the family in 2018. This country will amaze not only you but also your family to the next level. It is stunningly beautiful, with towering mountains and trails to trek, lakes to swim and horses to ride. The mountains of Patagonia are known for their highest mountains outside Asia, and you can heal yourself from the work stress.

There is also ample wildlife to see such as pumas. Chilean deserts are also full of activities and joy. The Atacama Desert is one place to visit that is rich in wildlife, natural geysers and much more. You can also do mountain biking, visit markets bath in hot springs and socialize with the locals.

Costa Rica

Considered as one of the most exotic destinations in the Americas, Costa Rica is a fine choice to visit with your family. It has some of the most beautiful tropical beaches for you to di your feet in warm waters and absorbs sun laying on the white sand. Apart from beaches, Costa Rica is also known for its massive rainforests and jungles that are home to some of the most exotic wildlife found in the world. You can enjoy activities such as relaxing in nature, zip lining, swimming, river rafting, surfing, wildlife sightseeing and much more.


Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. Located in North America, it is full of rivers, forests, mountains, lakes and rich wildlife. There is a lot to see there and the best thing is the ease of travel in this peaceful country. You can visit some zoos and see the polar bears along with the other wildlife. You can also visit their national parks where you can find some of the finest lakes, natural hot springs, glaciers, mountains and much more. It is a perfect destination to explore the outdoors with your family.


Thailand needs no introduction when we talk about the best destinations to visit in 2018 with your family. It is simply one of the best places with serene beaches, Islands, temples, magnificent cities, culture and people to explore. They also have a great deal of wildlife in their national parks and zoos. So do take some pictures of some tigers, elephants, and monkeys with your kids. There are also waterfalls and hill stations in the northern part of the country. Keep this country on your bucket list and make sure you visit it with your family.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation South of India in the Indian Ocean. This country is rich in wildlife, amazing cities with monuments worth knowing, and white sand beaches that will amaze you beyond our words. This is truly a magnificent and enchanting place for any family to visit and explore. Go with your loved ones beyond any imagination by visiting Sri Lanka.


Another country just south of India in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is one of the most mesmerizing Island countries where you can enjoy a dream vacation with your family. Imagine having a beach hut all by yourself in the middle of the ocean and nothing to worry about, wouldn’t that be a sight? Enjoy the serene beaches and relax in the warm sun to release all the stress of your daily boring life.


Australia is a safe haven for the most diverse animal and plant species in the world. But that doesn’t stop you and your family to explore this wonderful country anytime. Australia is not just the land of cricket, but also a place where there is an infinite number of beaches, wildlife, coral reef, rivers and much more. Imagine feeding the largest predators of nature, the saltwater crocodiles in the Adelaide River, this is something you don’t experience in your country. Australia is also home to some of the most famous and visited landmarks such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, 12 Apostles, Opera House, Coral Reef and much more.


If you want a trip that is full of exciting history and culture along with some hiking in nature, then Germany is the place you should go. This country has one of the largest numbers of museums, parks, monuments, landmarks, cathedrals and much more to offer to you and your family.


Imagine watching a rare phenomenon of Aurora Borealis in the cold night sky, on one of the darkest nights from a hot spring, isn’t it simple enchanting? Iceland is such a place without the world sights and sceneries. When the green grass starts, it never ceases to end. It is truly a place to visit with your family before everyone settles down in his or her own life.


Denmark is located in northern Europe. It connects Europe with Scandinavia and is one of the most beautiful countries with the friendliest people in the world. It is rich in amazing landmarks, creative history, parks, monuments and captivating picturesque sights.