Sunday can be a lazy and quiet day. You can be on your own, luxuriating at our place in Uzes, swimming in the pool, enjoying the gardens, or whatever you’d like. Or you can join us for a short drive to Nimes.

Nimes is a bigger city and the highlight of the city is the Jardins de la Fontaine. Here we can explore the park and it’s beautiful waterways, bridges, and lawns. On one end of the park we find a roman temple to Diane, on the other is the Tour Magne.

Some of the other possible sites to visit her include:

  • Castellum Divisorium, a part of the aqueduct
  • The Menhir Standing Stone, one of the oldest stones in Nimes, from 2500 BC
  • The large Roman amphitheater

We’ll take our time and go with the flow, following the direction of where our inspiration and intuition take us for the day.