We will begin our day with a group discussion and exploration of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Throughout the tour we will open and connect with various aspects of both, bringing both sides alive inside us as we move closer to a balanced union within.

Dating back to Neolithic times, Avignon has been held as a Sacred Center. The energies of this city combine the sacred masculine and scred feminine with the two great rivers on either side.

This special energy has been so strong that over the ages the land was once a learning center and initiation site for the Druids and Celts. The Catholic Church later came and built a great cathedral on this land, using the druidic knowledge of the ley lines and geomantic flow of energy.

We will visit the Notre Dame des Domes, the cathedral dedicated to Sophia, the feminine wisdom of the Divine. Then we have a picnic lunch at Les Jardins Des Domes. This high spot was a natural refuge and has been a sacred site for centuries. It is now a park with beautiful views of the landscape below. You will have time to find your own connection with the land and waters here.

In the afternoon, enjoy a short ferry across the Rhone to the island of the Barthelasse, one of the largest river islands in Europe. Another part of the sacred landscape, we can walk along the paths or justtake it easy in the gardens.