Spirit Quest Tours is proud to partner with Geoff Edwards, certified life coach, to offer follow-up assistance after our tours, to help you grow and continue to manifest the changes you experienced on our trips.

Here’s what some of Geoff’s happy clients had to say:

Geoff supported me as my Life Coach for a period of 12 months and I have had profound and lasting breakthroughs that have changed my life.

He has the ability to listen intently and absorbs the information being offered to him. He is trustworthy and makes you feel like a friend within minutes.

Geoff listens to me without judgment for as long as I need to talk. He has a very calming effect. Most importantly, he is honest with me – he challenged me to be honest with myself and make difficult choices when needed and also take action.

Coaching with Geoff created increased awareness and space for new realizations, potential and energy to flow.

A fantastic opportunity to shift my perception from “half-empty” to “half-full” and this has resulted in amazing opportunities becoming available for me.

You may find that your trip includes a free session with Geoff once you return home, a handout or exercise that we will share with you while we travel together, or you may want to experience a one-on-one creative session with him on your own. Geoff is available by Skype or phone for all our guests.

For more detailed info about Geoff, take a look at his web site: