Connect with higher wisdom for guidance, clarity and spiritual energy.

Greg Roach has been channeling a group called the White Lodge*, or Great White Brotherhood*, since 2004. They are a self-described group of “non-embodied beings” and refer to themselves variously as “angels,” “spirits,” or “ascended masters.” We call them “Spirit.” The word you choose doesn’t matter. Their intentions are to help, and they are here for our good alone.

The Universal Great White Brotherhood is a heavenly association of saints and sages from all paths and religions. Also included in this Brotherhood are angels and cosmic beings.

What appeared spontaneously during a hypnosis session to recover from jet lag has become an ongoing calling and a regular occurrence. Beginning with the American invasion of Iraq, Greg was directed by the group to facilitate a series of guided/focused meditations called “Meditations For America,” which were intended to raise the consciousness of the American people, and which were done periodically until late 2008. In between, Spirit Sessions were done on an individual basis or in small groups, all while he was in a deep trance facilitated by his partner.

Now, Greg has stepped into the role of conscious channel. He can speak with the White Lodge and act as a sort of “radio tuner” for your communication with them.

Awake during the session, he works with the White Lodge directly, which includes both guided energy work and a two-way conversation between you and them.

Flower of Life

Greg is available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Seattle at various times for in-person Spirit Sessions, and for phone or Skype sessions all over the world! Sessions are around one hour. Call to book!

*White means “pure” or “clear” in this context, and has zero indication of color.


Questions we get a lot:

Greg at the Kiosk of Trajan, Philae Temple What is my purpose?
Although you are welcome to ask this, and many people do, Spirit simply wants us to be the best versions of us that we can be. Your purpose is to live this best life, and the rest is up to your own free will. You do not need a specific job to make this happen. It’s your call.

Can you tell me my future?
Your future is not set yet, and the one thing Spirit is forbidden to do is interfere with your free will. Telling you something you haven’t done yet might cause you to go out and do it, thereby affecting your free will. Spirit calls this a “party trick” when they get this question, and they can’t answer it. However, they can often offer you some guidance that can help you in a specific situation your are facing.

Can I talk with someone who has crossed over?
Though Greg is capable of contacting people who have crossed over and has helped many heal from a particular trauma incurred when a loved one died, he can usually do so only through the White Lodge, and only with permission. Sometimes, this can be extremely fulfilling for you; other times, the person on the other side will put up a “privacy barrier” which the Lodge must honor. So please make sure this is not the only thing you want to know in your session.

Can you help me heal from something that happened?
Often, yes, and Greg has worked with them to do so many times. This may be from a combination of energy work as well as your conversation with Spirit, or one of these things alone, depending on your needs.

Can you give me guidance in a situation I’m in?
Unless it’s predicting your future, yes, and even so, they can often offer assistance in the direction or best intentions of the situation, without directly telling you what to do.

I have an entity attached to me. Can you help me get rid of it?
We have been successful in the past in removing entities. The important thing is that you are completely ready to release it, as you must work with Greg and the group to release it yourself. If you’re not ready, it won’t go.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a session?
Think of what you want to know – the burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask.  This is your time, and though it’s very likely that Spirit will have a message for you, the group is also available to answer your deepest questions.

I want one! What do I do?
Greg is currently accepting private sessions both on the phone and in person; please call (877) 406-5206 for more information or to schedule a session; an hour-long session is $100, and we will consider reduced rates if your need is great.


I did not know exactly what to expect going into my session with Greg, and I couldn’t have been any more pleasantly surprised. Afterwards I felt like my spiritual battery got a recharge, I got some answers I did not expect which after some thought make a lot of sense, and also tied together a lot of seemingly random events in my life into something which I now believe to be more relevant. This was a completey enjoyable and spiritually enlightening experience, and I’m already putting together some thoughts and questions for my next session.
Scott — Seattle, WA

Greg’s conversation with me felt like an out-of-body experience and transference of good light energy. He verbalized things about my life he would have never known. Additionally, he spoke or confirmed the answers to questions that I had prayed or spoken only to my God. I cried tears of joy. In that moment,  I knew Greg was the “real deal.” Through this experience, I am once again reminded to continuously practice being aware or conscious within my spirit, life and surroundings.
Toy — Washington, DC

While travelling with Spirit Quest Tours to Bali we were given daily challenges to meditate on & journal. I became really stuck with ‘Shifting Thoughts’ with regard to my husband’s suicide 7 years prior.  Through Greg’s wise counsel & reframing I was able to see my husband’s desperate situation from a whole new perspective which truly did help me shift my thoughts. This healing process was further strengthened though channeling work we did via the White Lodge.  Traveling with Spirit Quest Tours was certainly a life- changing experience for me.
J.F.  — New Zealand

The session was amazing! Everything I needed to know right now was addressed!                                                     Sam  — New York City