Southern France, May 2013.
Optional extension to Paris

The Golden Chalice Mystery School & Spirit Quest Tours

Who was Mary Magdalene? Who is the Black Madonna? What does the Holy Grail Symbolize? Where is it located? How is Mary Magdalene aligned with the Holy Grail mysteries? What were the Knights Templar protecting?

Mary of Magdala by Terese Nielsen

These are just a few of the questions evoked by this powerfully spiritual place and its history. These are the questions we will ask as we are enveloped in the mystic energies of this breath-taking land.

From Cathar strongholds to sacred underground grottos and ancient feast days we will revel in the transformative power as we explore the mystical alchemical union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Your Guides: Rev. Ayanna Mojica with Halle Eavelyn & Greg Roach.
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[note color=”#BAD2FF”]Please note that, like all Spirit Quest Tours, this is not a “tour” per se – it is a spiritual and historical journey, and we ask that everyone who chooses to attend arrives in the spirit of community and open-minded exploration. Experiences in this region can be very intense and transformational. They can also be just plain fun![/note]