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Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine


Each of the places on our journey is meant for individual activation’s  designed to bring balance, inspiration, inner wisdom and heart opening.

The energy of the journey will respond to both the individual and group intention.

We will co-create ceremonies in various sites when inspired to do so for more intimate connections.

10 Days May 21 – May 30, 2013 5-Day Optional Extension: Paris, France May 30 – June 3, 2013

15 Guests Maximum

Arrive to Marseilles to begin our journey to Sacred Union of the Divine…

Arrive in Marseilles to begin our journey to Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. At Ste Maximin-la-Ste.Baume, said to be the place where Mary Magdalen ascended, we gather together for the first of the initiations setting intentions to activate and balance the Divine Feminine (Magdalen) and Divine Masculine (Dragons) within us.

Our journey continues to Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and the Languedoc region including Rennes-le-Chateau, Nebias, Puivert, Foix, Queribus, Montseguer, Rennes-les-Bains, Bugarach, and Gorges de Galamus.

This region has many sacred sites, which venerate the Magdalen as well as, Dragon Ley Lines, sacred geometry, a natural labyrinth, initiation caves, sacred waters, and Cathar Castles representing the Divine Masculine and a commitment to Divine Love. In this region the Dragon energy is very powerful. At Rennes-les-Bains we will allow the thermal healing waters to cleanse us in preparation for Sacred Union and Divine Marriage.

Towards the end of our journey we will complete our ceremonial time to co-create a sacred “marriage” ceremony to honor Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine becoming one within ourselves.

Throughout this powerful “spiritual journey” we include ceremony, as well as lots of fun, beauty, culture, great food, education, information, and inspiration.


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 Day 1 – Tuesday, May 21; Arrive at Marseille Airport (MRS).We leave as a group at 4PM to drive to Ste Maximin-la-Ste. Baume. If your flight does not get in by 2pm, we suggest you come in a day early to France.  We can arrange for an additional night in a hotel for you (not included).

 Check in at the lovely La Courtesie [http://www.la-courtesie.com/index_uk.php] and then join us for our Welcome Dinner and Brief Orientation. (D)

Day 2 –Wednesday, May 22; La Sainte Baume, Grotto of Mary Magdalen


Today we will experience the beautiful old forest of La Sainte Baume where the ancient grotto of Mary Magdalen lies embedded in the side of the mountain. This is a full day trip to experience the forest and walk the steps of the famous path of pilgrimage to her grotto. We will take time up at the site to experience the still potent presence of “The Magdalen.”

The astonishing cavern cathedral carved into the top of a mountain is the cave from which Magdalen is said to have ascended surrounded by thirty angels. Legends indicate that Mary Magdalen lived here during the last years of her life. Royals and nobles came here to visit this remote cliff sanctuary and make the pilgrimage up the hill. This act of devotion to Mary Magdalen was so popular that a “Royal Road” was created to make the pilgrimage easier.

Overnight at La Courtesie once more. (B, L)

Day 3-Thursday, May 23; Basilica de Ste. Maximin, Crypt of Mary Magdalen, Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

 Saintes-Maries-De-la-MerAfter breakfast we visit the renowned Basilica de Ste. Maximin, rich with paintings and significant relics of Mary Magdalen. Legend says her body was discovered in an ancient crypt and here the skull of the Magdalen is enshrined.

Each year her feast day is celebrated on July 22. After lunch we travel to the Languedoc area, stopping first for the Gypsy Festival in Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mers.

Just outside the village of Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer this will be our island of calm during this high Gypsy festival season. Our hotel is located on one of the marshes of this magical land.  If we are fortunate we may see the legendary Carmargue wild white horses and black bulls unique to this area.

After check-in you have free time to rest or explore the village. This evening, we will gather for teachings on The Path of the Magdalen. (B, L)

Day 4-Friday, May 24; Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer – Festival of the Gypsies in honor of Patron Saint Sara the Black and the “Marys”

 BlackSara-Saintes-Maries-de-la-merAccording to Provencal legend, around 40 AD a boat left Jerusalem without sail, oars or supplies and came to the site known today as Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. In the boat were Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacob, the mother of James and the sister of the Virgin;  Mary Salome, the mother of the apostles James  and John; Joseph of Arimathea Lazarus and his two sisters, and Martha, and Sara, patron saint of the Gypsies. According to legend Sara was the daughter of Mary Magdalen and Jesus. Other legends say that she was the Egyptian servant of the two Marys.

Les Saintes Maries de La Mer is a small fishing village located on the Mediterranean coast near Marseilles. Gypsies, said to have been the Priestesses of Isis who fled Egypt when the temples were closed, greeted Mary Magdalen and her small party of refugees.

 On May 24th, Roms (Slovak gypsies), Manouches, Tziganes (Hungarian gypsies) and other gypsies come from all over Europe and other continents to worship their Patron Saint, Sara the Black.

 We will explore the 6th century church and Saint Sara the Black statue in the crypt and participate in the Festival of the Gypsies in honor of the arrival of Mary Magdalen and Sarah. We will take time to experience the sacred waters of the Mediterranean and the beach, which has been infused with several thousand years of prayers and healings made in this place during the Festival of the Gypsies.

We will ceremonially purify ourselves in the soothing, healing waters of the Mediterranean to release blocks and limitations and prepare for the rites of Sacred Union. (B)

Day 5-Saturday, May 25; Depart for the Languedoc area, including Rennes Le Chateau. We stay in the area of Languedoc for the next 8 days.

 Gorges-de-GalamusWe will continue to the Gorge de Galamus, where Saint Antoine founded a hermitage high above the winding, fast moving waters below, where he lived. It has now become an exquisite and powerful chapel down in the rocks.

Mary Magdalene also did teaching here, marked by a room next to a small spring that rises from somewhere within these rocks.  On our way back to our accommodations we will stop at the Fountain des Amours to co-create a sacred marriage ceremony to honor the male and female becoming one within ourselves.


Arriving in late afternoon, we check in at Domaine de l’Espinet where we will stay in private homes,  clustered together to allow maximum privacy and comfort.  Two to four guests will share these private spaces with baths and lodging, so if you have special food needs, you will even have your own kitchen! Breakfast is included daily.

Evening Full Moon Ceremony – Enter the Portal of Higher Love Celebrate being in the South of France under the spiritual energy of the full moon, as Rev. Ayanna leads us in a delightful ceremony of power. (B, L)

 Day 6-Sunday, May 26; Rennes-le-Chateau

Rennes-le-ChateauHere we will visit the Tour Magdala and the Church, both dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and the museum. Legend says that an ancient Temple of Isis is deep in the Earth below Rennes Le Chateau. It is in this church that the village priest, Berenger Sauniere, mysteriously discovered coded documents while renovating the church.



The story goes that he went to Paris with them and returned with a large sum of money with which he built the Tour Magdala and renovated the church.

Throughout the years, there has always been a quest for treasure here both for hidden money, as well as for the spiritual treasure of the Holy Grail.

The hilltop village of Rennes-le-Chateau is one of the points of the Venus Temple pentagram in the landscape. The other four points are visible from here. We will explore the pentagram geometry and alignments of the sites of this sacred landscape.

From this vantage point we can see how the ley lines or Dragon lines twist and turn from point to point. The famous Templar Castle and Fortress of Bezu is visible on one of these points. (B, L)

Languedoc-galette_chocolat_maison_2Day 7-Monday, May 27; Rennes-le-Chateau and  Foix After breakfast we will visit the Magdalen Cave, situated directly across from Rennes-Le-Chateau, slightly above the Ruissau des Couleurs, the River of Colors. Here we will gather to experience the strong energies we will reflect upon and honor the Divine Feminine in our lives in the lower birthing cave.


We will explore the ancient grounds located next to the Ruissau des Couleurs. Many mysteries are associated with this special area. The current Bed and Breakfast in this area may have been constructed upon the old foundation of an ancient Mystery School.

Another legend is that the Holy Family once lived on the banks overlooking the Ruissau des Couleurs.

The Magdalene energy is very present here and it is believed that she taught in the nearby area. This location is within a natural pentagram. A mountain sits on each of its five-points. The pentagram, a symbol of Venus, appears to be defining a temple, which some refer to as a Venus Temple.

This temple may be one of seven that are energetically linked around the planet.

 Foix, Initiation Caves and Magdalen Caves Here we will draw upon the power, beauty and energy of the land to receive personal and group transmissions of Higher Love. (B, L)

Day 8-Tuesday, May 28; Montseguer – Cathars, Book of Love and Dragon Ley line Montseguer is considered a Cathar bastion of true devotion. Persecuted for their faith, the Cathars were hunted down and besieged by the Papal Church.  Days before the fall of the fortress, four Cathars were seen carrying with them a treasure, as they descended the steep mountain. Some belief the treasure was the Holy Grail.

Others belief it was a holy book, the Book of Love, attributed to St. John the Divine. The Cathars were believers in the union between Mary Magdalen and Jesus. The Cathars revered the Feminine.

Here we will honor the Cathars and heal that part of us, which has been persecuted for our spiritual beliefs and faith. Then as a group we will send healing energy to heal the soul wounds of the land created by the violence of the Church.

In the village of Montsegur is a little church with a tiny Black Madonna and a Cathar museum which we will get to experience, along with the delightful medieval village of Montsegur. (B, L)

Day 9-Wednesday, May 29;Rennes-Les-Bains

Rennes-le-BainReverend Ayanna will lead us in a powerful water ceremony. Take a bathing suit. We visit the mysterious Seat and Well of Isis for an initiation and remember our sacred contract with the Beloved the DOW, Divine One Within.

Rennes-les-Bains’ thermal Roman springs, Fontaine des Amours, Source Madeleine, Magdalene’s well, a Knights Templar initiation site, is considered the Seat of Isis. Here we will experience the special thermal healing waters for our final initiation of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into Sacred Union.

 We will honor the eternal Priestess and Goddess who gather, dreams and births worlds into existence. We honor She who facilitates the sacredness of nature and all life.

Drawing upon the energy of Rennes-les-Bains as a Knights Templar initiation site, we will honor, the White Dragon, Divine Masculine Protector, Guardian, Supporter, Benefactor of the Divine Feminine.

Together we will surrender to the sacred waters. We will ceremonially receive an invitation to drop the final veils of our hearts and trust the Beloved DOW.

Then we will have lunch at a café in La Place des Deux Rennes (Place of the Two Queens).

 After lunch, next to the spring, we experience the 5000-year-old stone seat, mysteriously carved into what many call, the Seat of Isis. Each person will have time for quiet reflection and a personal attunement. They say there are three powerful ley lines that pass through the Seat of Isis.

 On our return path, we will pass the area where the fresh and salt waters alchemically come together. This is symbolic of the merging of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. This is an appropriate place to honor the Sacred Union, the merging of two into one.

Our journey ends with a Farewell Celebration Dinner. Pack for early morning departure home, or come with us to Paris!!  (B, L, D)

Day 10-Thursday, May 30; Early Departure for Home or Extension Tour to Paris

 Paris, France – 5-Day Optional Tour   May 30 – June 3

Paris Day 1-Thursday, May 30; Paris, “City of Light,” is known to be one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

Arrive in Paris and check into our hotel, Luxe Terrass Paris. After resting a little, we will walk around the city and enjoy an early dinner.


As we walk the romantic path along Le Seine, the Notre Dame Cathedral stands out against the skyline. According to legend there is a statue of the Black Madonna here, connected to Isis, hidden in the Cathedral. Some believe that Paris was named for Isis, Par= by, Is=Isis, thus By Isis.

During the Paris journey, we will visit Le Louvre Museum, and explore several powerful churches and cathedrals linked to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine: Notre Dame, Chartres, Saint Sulpice, and La Madeleine.

We will sit in the presence of several Black Madonnas, navigate the famous Labyrinth and learn about the history and legacy of Chartres Cathedral.  (B)

Day 2-
Friday, May 31; Chartres & the Cathedral After an early breakfast, we catch the 8 AM train to Chartres, where we will spend the day.  Our tour begins on the train, with a Chartes Cathedral expert giving us a lecture and details about the labyrinth. Upon arrival to Chartes, we explore the ancient wisdom and mystery of the labyrinth. glass windows, the famous Gothic designs of the architecture, walk the labyrinth and sit with the Black Madonna.

Chartres, built between 1193 and 1250, is rich with historical significance and esoteric secrets. Chartres sits on telluric earth currents, natural electric current flowing near the earth’s surface. These currents were known to be at their highest here and were recognized during the Druidic times.

Originally, Chartres was a site dedicated to the Mother Goddess.  Pilgrims journeyed here long before Jesus’ time. The original altar, built above a Druidic Grotto, housed an ancient dolmen identified as the “Womb of the Earth”.

This dolmen was known as the Chamber of the Black Virgin or the Black Madonna. Many pilgrims many of who come to venerate the Sancta Camisa, said to be the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary at Christ’s birth.

Paris-Chartres-Labyrinth-Jessica-Marsh-FlickrChartres Cathedral is home to over 400 images of the Feminine found on the walls and in the windows and is recognized as a spiritual center for the mysteries of the Divine feminine since the Druids first consecrated the site 3000 years ago. According to legends, it was has also the location of an ancient mystery school.

After our morning lecture, we will enjoy the local town of Chartes, and have lunch there as well before boarding the train to return to Paris.  Take time this evening to explore this incredible city. Perhaps you will discover a small cafe or take a tour of the Eiffel tower by night – either way, you are on your own until the morning… (B, L)

Day 3-Sat, June 1; Le Louvre Museum


 At Le Louvre the pyramid in the courtyard calls our attentions to its mystical presence. We arrive to see some of the well-known paintings and historical artifacts displayed here from around the world.

Of course, skip the long lines for our private tour with some of the museum’s docents as we discover some of the most classic Louve masterpieces – the Venus de Milo, winged Nike of Samothrace, and the inimitable Mona Lisa – for ourselves. (B)

Day 4-Sun, June 2; St. Sulpice and L’Eglise de la Madeleine After breakfast we visit St. Sulpice the second largest church in Paris. We will experience the copper floor symbols, which are meridians, which perhaps mark the Rose Line.

Researchers have discovered that St. Sulpice was built on the foundation of an earlier Temple of Isis and when Jean-Jacques Olier founded the new church building in 1645, he designed it according to the Golden Mean an important factor of sacred geometry.

There is a connection between the St. Sulpice Church and the Rennes Le Chateau mysteries. In the late 1890’s the Abbey Berenger Sauniere found coded documents while renovating the Magdalene Church in Rennes Le Chateau. He took these documents to St. Sulpice to have them decoded.

The famous “Rose Line” is marked in the St. Sulpice and known to travel down into the Rennes Le Chateau area.

Paris-Eglise-de-Madeleine-Church_ParisWe will have lunch then visit L’Eglise de la Madeleine, originally the site of a Jewish temple. La Madeleine, was first consecrated in 1182 to Mary Magdalen by the Bishop Maurice de Sully, and later modeled as a Temple to honor Napoleon. King Louis XVIII rededicated La Madeleine after the church was redesigned to resemble the Roman Pantheon.

Today powerful Magdalen statues fill the church. A statute shows her being lifted up by angels depicting the way she was said to have died in the Grotto of St. Baume.

The image evokes the ecstasy she reportedly experienced often in her daily prayer while in seclusion.  La Madeleine is filled with powerful magnetic energies and we will learn much from the legacy of the Magdalene that is so present here.


ParisFood-Mel-Toldeo-FlickrThis evening, we take a magical sunset cruise.  Sip a glass of champagne as we dine on our delicious final meal of the trip – French food on the famous  Seine river – c’est magnifique! (B, D)

Day 5-Mon, June 3; Final return home

After breakfast, depart for Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport for your return flight home.  Due to the proximity of the airport to Paris, it is most likely that a train journey will make the most sense, so we will help you plan efficient transport, (not included the cost in this tour).


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PAYMENTS Full land package for The Path of the Magdalene (May 21-30, 2013) is $4477, including all ground transportation on the tour, all accommodations as indicated, meals indicated, all site fees and entrance to all the items mentioned in the itinerary

(please see below for a detailed list of what is included and excluded).

Extension to Paris is May 30-June 3, 2013 and is $1907. The single supplement is $957 for the tour.

The extension single supplement is $817 for the tour. Prices are based on 15 travelers, double occupancy. Single supplements are available for per person, and include your own room at hotels.

Spirit Quest will provide roommates wherever possible, upon request.  If no roommate is available when tour closes, you will be required to pay a single supplement, so you are strongly encouraged to sign up with your own roommate (and may receive a referral fee per person).

Please note that all prices are in US dollars; Spirit Quest Tours will make every attempt to ensure the tour price stays fixed, but please be aware that due to the dollar’s fluctuations against the euro, if there is more than a 5% change, we may have to adjust our pricing.

Hotel/airport transfers are available and may cost extra, depending on your arrival/departure time.

We will advise you of the additional cost when we have your air booking in hand. We can help you book your International Air – just give us a call at our toll-free number (877) 406-5206! Or make your own arrangements – it’s up to you! DEPOSITS are due upon sign-up.

A deposit of $500 holds your space. Please indicate your payment method below: All payments are due 60 days prior to travel. A payment plan is available, but all payments must be received in full by April 1, 2013.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are gladly accepted.  Personal and cashier’s checks are also accepted. TOUR PRICE INCLUDES Hotel Accommodation – room accommodations are provided at the hotels indicated.

Accommodations are per person, based on two persons sharing a room a twin-bedded room or king bed (if requested) with private bath.

• Hotels as shown on spiritquesttours.com or similar (class will remain the same)

• Breakfast daily

• Welcome and farewell dinners

• Lunch or dinner daily, per the itinerary on spiritquesttours.com


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Your Guides: Rev. Ayanna Mojica, with Halle Eavelyn & Greg Roach. Special guest lecture by Henry Lincoln, co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Rev. Ayanna MojicaRev. Ayanna Mojica is an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, Alchemist and Healer who has transformed from being a traditional ordained minister within the Christian Church and now serves as a Minister of Metaphysics and Sacred Sexual Alchemy. She is committed to The Path of the Magdalen and mentors women as Priestesses and men as White Dragons in this lineage of sacred sexual alchemy.   She is the Founder of The Golden Chalice, which includes a Mystery School and teachings on The Path of the Magdalen.



Greg RoachGreg Roach, MFA, F.R.C. A life-long student of comparative religion and spirituality, Greg had a visionary experience of the transcendent unity behind all creation during a pilgrimage to Egypt in  1997. Subsequently, he answered Spirit’s call to offer initiatory pilgrimages to like minded souls, building on 10 years of sacred travel in Egypt, the Holy Land, Greece, France, Scotland, America, Bali, Eastern Europe and England. Greg has taught and lectured at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. He speaks regularly on spirituality, comparative religion, sacred sites and the potential of digital technology as an artistic and storytelling tool.


Halle EavelynHalle Eavelyn, author and spiritual tour leader, handles Spirit Quest Tours’ day-to-day logistics, serves as an on-call spiritual healer for Spirit Quest Tours’ guests, and leads their “Eat Pray Love Bali” tours. Halle has been interviewed by Time Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, Wealth TV and many others about her spiritual travel experiences and expertise. She has spoken for institutes such as Vanderbilt University and bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Awakenings. She also blogs regularly for Spirit Quest Tours, and her writing has appeared in Huffington Post, JetSet Extra, We Said Go Travel, and Travelhoppers, among others. Halle is the author of Red Goddess Rising, her spiritual travel memoir.

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