Eight night tours:

June 22nd – June 30th, 2012

 September 14th – September 22nd, 2012

Five night Tours:

June 25th –  June 30th, 2012

September 17th – September 22nd, 2012

EcoSafaris are in celebration of the life of The Earth Organization (TEO) founder: internationally-acclaimed South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony. Lawrence owned and lived on the exclusive, private game preserve Thula Thula in South Africa. Lawrence rescued a herd of “rogue” elephants about to be destroyed, rehabilitated them, and raised their progeny on Thula Thula, preserving these endangered animals along with thousands of others. His remarkable book, the Elephant Whisperer, is the story of his elephant rescue, as well as how he started Thula Thula and began hosting EcoSafaris. Lawrence was most well-known for his remarkable 5 ½-month rescue initiative of the animals and staff of the Baghdad Zoo, early in the Iraqi War. For his amazing act of courage, he received the prestigious United Nation’s Earth Trustee Award, the coveted UN Earth Day Medal, and was inducted into the by-invitation-only, esteemed Explorers Club. The book Babylon’s Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo was written about his adventure, and the story of his determination and bravery is so compelling that a major motion picture about his heroism is currently being produced.

We were very saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of Thula Thula founder Lawrence Anthony this month. He leaves behind an incredible legacy with the elephants of Thula Thula, the relations with the Zulu tribespeople, and the wonders of South Africa that he has shown his many guests. Greg and Halle will be your hosts this summer for an unforgettable experience in South Africa!  

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