Cuba-spiritual-tour-carToday we will take a full day to visit the city of Havana.  The UNESCO heritage sites are powerful examples of Cuba’s history and architecture. We’ll be seeing locales including  the Cathedral, Opera House, Capitolio Building and museums, as we explore Havana’s culture and history.

We will take in a matinee at Opera de la Calle, literally “Opera of the Street,” as we experience the rich cultural and vocal talents of Cuban singers. This is a must-see for the spiritual traveler, as we will get to witness the passion of these performers and the love they have for their craft at any price.

Afterwards, we will visit the acclaimed Callejon de Hamel – this is a back alley of art, in the working class Cayo Huesco quarter. The work of Cuban artist Salvador Gonzalez utilizes reclaimed objects and even garbage to create an outdoor museum of Santerial murals that pay homage to the island’s combined Spanish and African heritage.

Lunch and dinner will both be cooked to order for you at two delightful and typical Havana restaurants.