WELCOME to you, our wonderful Ambassador, as you help us spread love and light around the globe!!

When you tell people about us, THEY GET…
1) Amazing trips
2) The chance to change their lives

1) Cash
2) Free travel
3) The opportunity to refer something you can really get behind, from a company with integrity!

Just send folks to our site using your unique ambassador ID! Once they go through your ID once and sign up for any trip info, our newsletter, our Virtual Visits, etc, they are tagged with your info each time they come back to the site, even if they don’t book a trip right away.

You can do this through a banner, a link in a newsletter or email, a flyer, a postcard, etc.  We will provide you with ALL graphics (see below) upon request! Why not consider adding your unique link to your email signature – you never know!

Now, you want a GREAT, MEMORABLE link
So for the main tour page, instead of  https://www.spiritquesttours.com/?orid=XX&opid=2   why not use a short link service like ow.ly or bit.ly to shorten your link! For example, one of our ambassadors used http://bit.ly/rgtravels as her short URL. What unique (short) name can you think of?

Don’t feel like you understand or are comfortable doing it yourself?
CLICK HERE to send us an email
and we will provide you with a unique short URL for your ambassador ID!

To log onto your back office, just go to:


If you haven’t done this before, just refer back to your welcome email to see how, or click:

https://www.spiritquesttours.com/earn-with-us/ambassador/thanks/ and scroll down to see the affiliate center introduction.

Forgot your login info? Just ask and we will resend it (then write it down!)

Over the coming months, we will provide you with full marketing materials for all our tours, including banners, a flyer, and postcards – in the meantime, you can request materials for any tour you are interested in promoting so yours can be first in line! See below for ALL the details!!



Once you start sharing your link – track the number of clicks and visits via the Reports Tab:


To see who has purchased which tours, and how much commission you have earned, click the Earnings Tab:(Sorry about  Clawbacks – it’s a TERRIBLE word!!  But it means chargebacks, so don’t expect too many!! We have never had someone request a refund for a tour unless their plans change, that rarely happens after they put down a deposit)