You’re probably asking “earn what, exactly?” Well, how about free travel, good karma or cash?

Here’s how we see it. Spirit, life and energy are always flowing: from the universe into us, between people, between bank accounts. It’s all one thing and there’s plenty to go around, so we’re happy to share. Here’s how:

Free Travel and Fundraising: Are you in charge of an organization, church or University department? If so, we can arrange a special tour just for your group, to just about anywhere! We’ll work with you to define a custom itinerary, we’ll handle all the details, marketing, etc., you’ll get to travel for free, your people will get a “trip of a lifetime” and your organization will receive a donation or fee. Everybody wins!

Referral Fees: Refer a friend or family member to us and we’ll pay back some of the love, depending on the trip this can be up to $500, and if you have not yet traveled with Spirit Quest Tours, we will match every commission dollar you use to take your first trip with us, making your effort go twice as far!

Good Karma: We love it. That’s why we offset the environmental impact of our activities and work with charities to help redistribute some blessings. Join us and rack up some frequent-giver points.