“This was the most amazing journey of my life. The group bonded and stood with and behind each other. I am transformed from my Bali adventure and Free from the pain that brought me so far from my home. Although I was not a spiritual person and could neither do yoga or meditate I found new found respect for culture, traditions and religions. As I stood in the temple of the waters the sun shone down on me I was surrounded by an amazing group of people as I cried and released the hurts I held so tightly. I travelled to Bali to release my sons ashes and the respect the group leaders and tour guides and priests had for my pain made the release a memory that I will never forget. They cried with me and we all said goodbye to my son. His ashes will always remain in the most beautiful place in the world. This was the trip of a lifetime and in my heart I believe that it gave me my life back.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Spirit Quest Tours, under the capable, spirited, and joyful leadership of Greg Roach.

Having traveled a fair amount, I was somewhat reluctant to join a group/tour. During the trip, I came to realize that traveling with Spirit Quest added dimensions of experience that would be impossible to achieve on my own. It was a pleasure to meet a group of like-minded people from all backgrounds and to enjoy the sharing and energy they had to offer.

In addition to the lifetime friends that I made on the trip, my love of travel has been reignited. How great it is to grow, learn, and have fun while at the same time contributing to mutual understanding and peace with our global neighbors!”

“The trip to Bali was life-altering. I know Bali is a special place and I would’ve returned with a WOW. But experiencing Bali with you and the group added so much more, leaving me with WOW-WEE!!!!!!!!!”

“I have been on three tours by Spirit Quest and loved them all!  One to Egypt, then Bali and then Mexico.  Each were enlightening and adventurous!  I experienced private tours of egyptian pyramids and ruins, Balinese shamans, and Mexican sweat lodges.  All of my experiences with Spirit Quest Tours was memorable and helped me grow as a person.  I am so thankful that I went on my first tour with them in 2011.  The tour guides are so knowledgeable.  It is definitely worth experiencing because I would have never got to see and do the things I did without their connections and wisdom.   Your life will never be the same – so go now – book a trip with Spirit Quest Tours!”

“So organized and knowledgeable – you made the trip ‘one of a lifetime.'”

“I give thanks that the Universe gave me Spirit Quest Tours.  You have opened my eyes  & my heart to a new way of being.

“Thank you again for making the trip such a delightful, inspirational & life changing experience.”

“Wow, what a life-changing trip…  the perfect recipe for a spiritual journey that will transcend anything you ever imagined.

All of the personal stories that give you a connection to what you are experiencing, seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing just make it that much more magical. I loved all of the food! And I am the biggest foodie there ever was!! I also LOVED our hotel. it was the best. One of my favorite parts of the trip was the meditations led by Greg. Those meditation sessions were crafted with my own spiritual rising in mind. I will never forget the magic of the journey with Spirit Quest. Its the only way to go!!! Thanks again, Greg!! You made this trip so worthwhile and unforgettable!!! Love you!!!”

“Pinch me!  Ah, needed that reality check.  It has been an amazing journey.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“To my Fellow Quest Guides and Adventurers: This trip has been the best event I have ever had in my life time so far. Everything just went with the flow. All of the places we visited were so wonderful and the information received from your guides, that you had chosen, was so informative to the point of amazement. The places we stayed in were all spectacular and the service was greatfully appreciated. Transitions were smooth, personal development was immense, spiritual growth was enormous and the love within the group amplified. I have to have a rest. if I am ever to make another tour!! Jam packed with entertainment and adventure. Rest was at your own risk if you did not want to miss out on something. I have made some wonderful life long friendships from this tour. I am indeed truly grateful  for Greg, not only for meeting amazing people but getting to see and spend spiritual time in the best locations in the world with them. I thank you.”

“The best journey I’ve ever experienced. Two weeks in Egypt with 7 days on the the River Nile.Thanks to my wife, Unity, Spirit Quest, Quest Travel and God.”

” …the beginning of a new spiritual journey I hope to continue at home.”

“I have been forever changed by Bali.”

“Moving…opened up the inner body and mind.”

“An extremely spiritual experience. Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.”

“Absolutely fabulous! What a pleasure to see your expertise first hand!”

“Your sincere love of Egypt and its culture made the trip an awesome experience!”

“I want to thank you both for the fabulous job you did putting the trip together, being flexible as we went along, and being so open with your friendship.  You both are true inspirations to me.  I have no doubt that you will be successful in whatever you put your heart in…..and I hope that you will stay in touch so that I can witness it!!!  Passion like yours is unfortunately rare, and witnessing it was an unexpected gift from the trip. Thank you, thank you.”

“I loved my room, my view was something out of a movie, the staff was extremely helpful, and I loved the breakfast in the morning. The whole tour was a new experience for me in itself. That was my first time outside of America, and also traveling by myself. I loved every single thing we did. I said that I wanted this trip to help me take that new step in my life, and it helped me take three new steps.”

“The planning of the excursions was perfect with a good balance of some busy activity days and some relaxing days. I liked that were given an option of which activities to participate in and were not held hostage to do anything. I, for one, wanted to take advantage of everything and more!