It’s nearly 2013, and, presuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st, 2012, it’s time for us to consider where we might be taking our guests next year, new places we want to go to, and old favorites that will make our list of tour sites. The opportunities are boundless, and this is how things are shaping up for Spirit Quest Tours:


Sacred Sites of Peru is a brand-new location for us this year, with our first tours coming up in January & July, led by Peru travel expert and spiritual tour leader Angela Mondato. Between Macchu Piccu and the Amazon rainforest, swimming with dolphins and working with an authentic Peruvian Shaman, this is one set of trips we’ve been wanting to get on our schedule for a while!

We’ve talked about Cuba, and in 2013, this one will finally happen!  We’ve got Spiritus Sancti Cuba on the calendar for April, and we plan both a spiritual tasting of Cuba’s all religions and delving into the cultural scene, especially the music of the island.  We’re even attending a Buena Visa Social Club concert!

Interested in the path of Mary Magdalene in France? So are we! Path of the Magdalen will feature the special festival of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a gypsy folk festival harking back to biblical times, as well as the sacred sites of Rennes le Chateau and Carcassone as we tour the South of France in the best weather and time of the year.


Mexico has long been on our list of exciting destinations, and our first tour there this year was a rousing success! We rescued baby sea turtles and experienced Japanese in Puerta Vallarta, participated in an authentic sweat lodge ceremony with an intense Mexican Shaman, and visited the ancient circular pyramid site of Guachimontones. This is one trip we are already looking forward to again!

Museo Del Jamon, a "Museum of Ham" in Madrid

Spain tops our European wish list, and we have already scouted our first foodie destination site, building from the idea that the spirituality of some cultures is contained in its food.  Spain has now overtaken France as the culinary heart of the world, and we are thrilled to be returning to Madrid, Barcelona, and that gastronomique center, La Mancha, for our Tilting at Windmills: Wine, Tapas and Tales tour! I mean, where else can you go that has a “Museum of Ham?” (actually, as series of tapas bars, but how fun is that?)


After our upcoming The Dawning: 12/12/12 tour to Egypt, we won’t be going back for a whole year, but Egypt is our first and still a favorite destination. There is nothing like visiting the ancient temples to awaken the energy of both them and you, and experiencing a private visit inside the Great Pyramid or standing between the paws of the sphinx lends a new level to spiritual travel.

A Balinese BrideLong our most popular tour, the Eat Pray Love Bali tour is a perennial fave. Women (and sometimes men) from all over the world have changed their lives by traveling to Bali with us on this amazing tour. This year’s tour takes place in June, and we have both new accommodations and a new level of tour opportunities that will guarantee this one will be very special.


We have never had a domestic tour… at least, not until now.  Our first offering, Spiritual LA, will give us a chance to show off the fair city of Los Angeles in a new light: a spiritual tour of the best sites and experiences of Lala Land. Next up: Spiritual Vegas – and yes, there really is one!

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