Travel to Egypt is a marvelous thing. There are many ways to facilitate Egypt travel, from flights that go straight from New York to Cairo, to stops in Amsterdam or London, where you can lay over for the day and enjoy another city and culture while getting over jet lag faster (being in the noon-day sun in your new time zone really helps). A lot of the flights arrive late at night – really, early in the morning, so by the time you reach your hotel, if you can stay up an hour or so, you can get breakfast before either sleeping for a few hours or, if it’s your first time, checking out the Pyramids. After all, why else did you travel to Egypt?

In Cairo, Egypt, travel is fairly simple: if you are with a group, just get on your bus and go! Egypt travel if you are on your own usually involves a car and driver, so make sure you speak Arabic, in case you don’t get one with good English! I’m kidding – most of them speak more than passable English. After a couple days in Cairo, you will surely want to visit the rest of the country, so you will probably find yourself back at the airport once again. Leaving Cairo, Egypt, travel by plane a short distance to Luxor, where your Egypt travel will continue by cruise ship to Aswan, or fly to Aswan, where travel to Egypt can be extended by cruise to Luxor.
You will visit some amazing temples along the way, as no Egypt travel is complete without seeing Karnak and Luxor temples, the Valley of the Kings, and the great temple to Isis at Philae in Aswan. If you do get to Philae, your Egypt travel will surely include a motorized water taxi, and probably a charming little sailboat called a felucca. No travel to Egypt is complete without returning to Cairo, Egypt. Travel by plane or overnight train, but go back to see Alexandria, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the Khan El Khalili market, and whatever else you missed.