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The Alila’s swimming pool – voted one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful in the World!

There are so many luxury, stunning hotels in Bali.  Here are some of our favorites:

Alila Ubud

Komaneka Hotel Rasa Sayang in Ubud

Nusa Dua Beach Resort & Spa

Personalize your itinerary. What are you in the mood for? Spirituality, cultural, adventure, pampering?

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And don’t forget about meeting with Ketut Liyer and Wayan, the healers from the best-selling book! Yude will even take you over to Lombok Island if you like!
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We’ll build the perfect Balinese adventure just for you. Eat? Pray? Love? Why not all three?

Tours & Activities

We suggest the following day trips, which can be scheduled on alternate days to allow you some relaxation and exploration time:

Tirta Empul

Immerse yourself in the true Balinese experience of spirituality. The sacred springs of Tirta Empul are where the temples of Bali take their holy water as it gushes from the earth. Move through Tirta Empul, enveloped by the sounds of the water and the local worshippers, until your old life is washed away and you emerge as if reborn from the cool waters. This is truly an incredible experience – a guest favorite!
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Artistry of the Balinese

Hour-long Balinese Dance lesson, Balinese Costume and Makeup. Learn the artistry and craft of the island, where everyone has a vocation, and an avocation. Balinese locals are not just your taxi driver or a store owner, they are also marvelous painters, artists, and dancers. Immerse yourself in their craft for an hour, and perhaps take home a new side of yourself. 

  • Batik Painting Lesson

  • Balinese Painting Lesson

  • Balinese Spiritual Offering Lesson

  • Balinese Cake Cooking Lesson

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Waka Land Cruise

This is a great opportunity to see other areas of Bali, as you tour in a land cruiser! 

Visit an amazing stone quarry, where time has stood still for centuries.
See a typical family farmhouse, which is a very good example of Balinese architecture, where all the buildings in the family compound are built according to the measurements of the patriarch of the family, in small pavilions, or bales, with the temple at the focal point.
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Climb to over 900 meters above the rice bowl of Jatiluwih. The mountain air is cooler and the scenery changes as you enter the rainforest of giant bamboo and fern trees. Then
experience the sacred hot springs where local people have come to bathe for hundreds of years.



Take a Cooking Workshop and Market Tour

Are you excited to learn new cuisines, and how the culture of a place is influenced by its food? Discover the flavors Bali and learn the secrets of Balinese cooking from these master chefs.



Besakih Temple

Take a trip to the Mother of all temples. This trip includes our own English-speaking spiritual guide, a private car and driver, and a chance to worship with the Balinese as they do. Our guide will show you how to do the prayers, Balinese-style, and explain the meaning behind each step. This is a beautiful way to honor the local traditions, and is very appreciated by the locals, especially since most tourists don’t bother to learn!

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Sea Walker

Did you ever want to explore the ocean without getting your hair wet? Or having to take off your glasses? Get up close and personal with the magical underwater world of Bali, without worrying about all the usual problems of snorkeling or diving, especially if you need glasses or contact lenses to see all the incredible ocean life.

Meeting & private reading with Balian Shaman & Healer

Our own personal connection with a Balian yogi and healer has brought peace, joy, and new understanding for each guest who has participated in one of his readings. This is truly a sacred, special experience, different for each guest who has participated. Trust, and let it unfold.


Taneh Lot

This is the most joyous, raucous, touristy, local, crazy, fun temple spot in all of Bali. Wade through acres of souvenir sellers, food merchants, and shops until you get to the cliffs at water’s edge. Go at sunset for the best views and the biggest crowds. Our guide will accompany you every step of the way. This visit is both fun and engaging!

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple and Beachfront Dinner
This evening, enjoy a majestic sunset and a true Balinese experience:  The Ramayana epic-based Kecak Dance, which features a hundred Balinese men, and is unlike anything you have ever seen!

Afterwards, dine on the beach in Jimbaran Bay, where you will experience a  seafood dinner by torchlight and be serenaded by local musicians! 

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