4:00pm – 5:30pm
The Theosophical Society of Seattle
717 Broadway Avenue East
Seattle, WA
THIS SUNDAY!  Nov. 8th – DON’T MISS IT if you’re in Seattle!

After more than a decade traveling to the world’s most sacred places, Greg has realized that, far from being a diversion, travel has the potential to be a profoundly powerful spiritual catalyst and accelerant. Using beautiful photographs and touching, funny anecdotes, Greg will share with us some of the “Lessons from Spirit” that he’s been blessed to receive while on the road.

Greg Roach, MFA, F.R.C.
A very popular speaker, Greg is a traveler, writer, filmmaker, inventor, entrepreneur, guide and spiritual pilgrim. His latest writing is featured in “Modern Alchemists from the Land of the Pharaohs” along with Nicki Scully, John Anthony West and Normandi Ellis.

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