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Halle Eavelyn, whose Sprit Quest Tours hosts an “Eat Pray Love” themed tour to Bali, where participants meet some of the characters in Gilbert’s book, eat a four-star meal and read from and discuss the Gilbert’s book, suggests finding touchstones for your journey, even if you cannot physically travel.

Find books, travel stories, photographs or other physical objects that illicit positive feelings. It’s a trick she suggests to her clients to make the magic of their journey last after they return home.

Someone unable to travel can also use the same trick to help focus on what they want, whether that’s a trip or simply a feeling of relaxation or being centered.

Eavelyn also said it’s important to “Give yourself permission to take what you need.” At New Years, she decided to escape her everyday routine by going silent for a week.

The last-minute effort did not go very smoothly, she said, because she wound up spending a lot of time explaining herself via e-mail.

Still, it was worthwhile, she said. “Not talking helped me to be able to shift (my thinking). It was very powerful as far as my own growth.”

Writing is also helpful for many who are on a journey of self discovery. In a 2007 appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” Gilbert told viewers to keep a “Happiness Journal.”

“At the end of every day, write down the happiest moment of every day,” she said. “It’s a way of reminding myself what really makes me happy, and what doesn’t. And you know, every day also has its crappiest moment of the day, but I decided not to keep a crappiest moment of the day journal. And learn, and study, and look back and see what is it consistently. “

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