El Nur: Capturing the Light of Foreign Lands

Greg Roach & Joshua Liberman discuss travel photography and their upcoming Luxury Photo Tour to Egypt

Few things are as alluring, or seem as glamorous, as travel photography. From lush tropical jungles to windswept deserts and glorious ruins, travel photography promises adventure and immersion in exotic lands for both the photographer and their audience. But how do you get started? What are the rules of the road? How do you approach a stranger on the street and bring out the genuine spark of their personality?

Spirit Quest Tours renowned travel photographer Joshua Liberman & digital media and travel expert Greg Roach invite you for a festive and informative evening to introduce the world of travel photography, as well their exciting new collaboration: Luxury Photo Expeditions. From inspiring images to hilarious anecdotes and insider tips this event is guaranteed to whet your appetite for far-flung places, people and cultures. And Greg will teach you a few good curses in Arabic.

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Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
6:30pm – 8:30pm
A&I Photography Hollywood
933 N Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Kicking off in December with a Luxury Photo Expedition to Egypt, the trip will culminate in a private dawn visit to the Temple of Karnak on the Winter Solstice, where the structure’s solar alignments make it seem as if the temple is giving birth to the rising sun. At A&I on October 14, Greg and Josh will discuss many of the unique features of the trip; which include an exclusive 5-star Nile Cruise, photo workshops, and special (often private) opportunities to photograph in temples, bazaars, villages, and areas of cultural significance across the country. Participants’ best work from the trip will be featured in a deluxe, commemorative Spirit Quest book that will be created by A&I, as well as being featured in a dedicate group show held at A&I Gallery.  Click below for the private web site for the trip: