Why go to Egypt? Here are some great reasons: Your Tour Leaders!

John D. Riley, Researcher of Alternative Energy/Science

With a diverse background in Top Secret military projects at Lockheed Aircraft to 20 years in the Motion Picture business with his own Special Effects company, working on some of the industry’s top films, John Riley decided to take his knowledge and experience to a much higher level. Since the age of 8, John was fascinated by the energy systems developed by the early great inventors, such as Nikola Tesla and George Lakhovsky. He has been researching and studying these early discoveries and has “re-discovered” missing technology and lost meanings behind these origins of power. It is with great passion now that he has combined his expertise in the field of engineering and his understanding behind these early inventions to create his own Radiant Energy system, called the Lifestream Generator. Zero Point Research, John’s research facility in Santa Monica, CA is also open to the public to receive Lifestream sessions by certified practitioners.  Zero Point Research is where John “goes down the rabbit hole” daily.


Greg Roach, MFA, F.R.C.

A life-long student of comparative religion and spirituality, Greg had a visionary experience of the transcendent unity behind all creation during a pilgrimage to Egypt in  1997. Subsequently, he answered Spirit’s call to offer initiatory pilgrimages to like minded souls, building on 10 years of sacred travel in Egypt, the Holy Land, Greece, France, Scotland, America, Bali, Eastern Europe and England. He also podcasts both Meditations for America and Spirit of Place. In the exoteric world, Greg holds an MFA in directing and is a successful entrepreneur and inventor who holds multiple patents. He is a high-level Rosicrucian (Fratre Rosae Crucis), a graduate of the Flower of Life and Earth-Sky training and the Science of Mind courses at The Agape International Spiritual Center.

Greg has taught and lectured all over the world at numerous prestigious institutions, including Cambridge University (England), San Francisco State, USC, and the University of Sofia. He speaks regularly on spirituality, comparative religion, sacred sites and the potential of digital technology as an artistic and storytelling tool.

Halle Eavelyn, Author and Spiritual Tour Leader

Halle is “Julie the Cruise Director” for Spirit Quest Tours and a spiritual seeker of truth. She is delightedly attached to her partner, Greg, and counts amazing people all over the world as her friends. When she is not traveling, Halle writes and edits. She co-wrote the film script Silver, which sold for 6 figures, and now writes or co-writes several screenplays a year. Her new spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, was just released this year, to overwhelming praise.

On tours, Halle handles all the day-to-day logistics (hence her title of “Julie the Cruise Director”) serves as an on-call spiritual healer for Spirit Quest Tours’ guests, and leads their “Eat Pray Love Bali” tours. She loves seeing the changes people experience while traveling, and counts Egypt as one of her favorite countries. At home, she creates many of Spirit Quest Tours’ new itineraries, and blogs regularly for the site.

Emil Shaker ENG, Egyptologist pastedgraphic-4_textmedium

Emil was born in Luxor 1953 right next to Luxor Temple.  Emil graduated from the College of Antiquities at Cairo University.  He has guided many spiritual and metaphysical groups in the past 20 years.  Emil has had the honor of working with Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John West, Marian Williamson, Carolyn Myss, Greg Braden, Kevin Ryerson, Mark Lehner, Kent Weeks and Zahi Hawass. Emil was a personal friend of Omm Setty (Dorothy Eady).

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