This morning, we take our other big walking tour, this time of the Federal Triangle:

  • National Gallery of Art: Zodiac symbols on the Mellon Fountain.
  • Dept of Justice: Capt. Nathan Hale, Ars Boni and Ars Aequi
  • National Archives: Past and Future Statues and the Recorder of the Archives.
  • EPA building: The Four Elements.
  • Department of Commerce:The Four Elements.
  • Old Post Office:Ben Franklin Statue.
  • Department of the Post Office: The Spirit of Progress and Civilization.
  • DC Mayor office: Law and Justice.
  • Washington Lafayette Park Steuben Statue 2010Freedom Plaza: Great Seal, map of the city and statue of Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulanski.
  • Lafayette Park
  • White House
  • Ellipse
  • 1st. Division Memorial: Gold Nike statue
  • National Academy of Science and Engineering: Bronze door plate with Aristotle, four bronze doors with zodiac carvings, and ceiling of the Great Hall with zodiac carvings.
  • Washington Monument

We’ll stop for lunch along the way.


This evening, we will take a Sunset Monuments of Washington cruise up the Potomac, followed by our farewell dinner at Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria.  Dine on George Washington’s very favorite dinner in a place frequented by the man himself – this restaurant has been around as long as our country has!

Meals included Day 5: Breakfast, Dinner