With a legacy that is French, Spanish, Canadian and English, New Orleans is the most European of North American cities. Its reputation for incredible food and warm hospitality is well-deserved and extends to the gracious hotels that line the streets of the French Quarter, some over two hundred years old. One of the top ten hotels in the city, according to Trip Advisor, is the delightful and historic Bourbon Orleans.  Check out my experience on my recent stay there:

They’re very proud of their ghosts in NOLA, and I saw charming signs throughout the French Quarter hung on real estate shingles: “Haunted” or “Not Haunted.” The Bourbon Orleans is no exception.  When I mentioned I do spiritual tours, one of the solicitous staff said, “Well, then you’ll want to know about our latest ghost story!” The below pic was taken when a construction worker snapped a photo to show his boss the recently finished crown molding on the 4th floor – with unexpected results! The photo, of the man holding up his cell phone, was emailed to me and is unretouched – the man’s thumb is visible next to his phone.  The ghostly figure is clearly that of a woman, perhaps of African descent; maybe she is the specter of one of the guests from a ball that used to take place here, or a nun when it was a convent?

Everything about the hotel is elegant and charming, from the front lobby and main dining room (free coffee in the morning, free WiFi throughout the hotel) to the plantation shutters and crisp white sheets in the classically furnished bedrooms.

spiritual-vacationsAs it’s a place that doesn’t attract a business crowd, the staff ensures each guest is well-looked-after and made to feel like a VIP.  The whole property feels like a boutique hotel, not like it takes up a whole square block of Bourbon Street (which it does!)

The only minor issue was sound, as the hotel walls are thin — in keeping with the age of the property.  Sometimes you could hear doors slamming or the housekeeping staff, and it sounded like they were in the room with you.  Luckily, I was sure it was someone on the same floor each time, not the ghost of a former guest of the hotel!  In that regard, my peace was undisturbed, and in all regards, I absolutely loved the beautiful Bourbon Orleans.