Sacred Sites Throughout the World

Monday March 9th 7:30 – 9:00 PM
Distant Lands Bookstore
56 S. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105
(800) 310-3220


What impulse in the human spirit has, for millennia, caused us to paint cave walls, pile stones, carve, build, engineer, plan, craft and construct monuments to the invisible and unknown?
Why are some places set apart and worthy of our greatest efforts and accomplishment? What makes one site sacred and another a garbage heap? Every culture on the planet has a tradition of sacred spaces and spiritual places and when we encounter them we resonate in harmony with the energies we find there.
This intriguing lecture will include sites in Bali, England, France, Eastern Europe, Hawaii, America, Egypt, the Sinai and the Holy Land. Topics will include geomancy and earth energies, sacred architecture and geometry, solar and stellar alignments, psychology, spirituality, religion, the alchemy of travel, quantum mechanics and some fascinating new discoveries about the science and psychology of Sacred Places.
Please join Greg Roach, founder of Spirit Quest Tours, for an entertaining and compelling tour with beautiful pictures and fascinating details.
Greg has taught and lectured all over the world at numerous prestigious institutions, including Cambridge University (England), San Francisco State, USC, and the University of Sofia. He speaks regularly on spirituality, comparative religion, sacred sites and the potential of digital technology as an artistic and storytelling tool.

Speaker Bio 

Greg Roach is the founder
of Spirit Quest Tours, which he started after a life-changing experience in
Egypt.  Building on his many years of personally exploring sacred places,
Greg has created a vibrant enterprise that helps bring positive change to the
world through travel, entertainment and education.  Greg blogs regularly about his travels for Spirit Quest
Tours, as well as podcasting and speaking nationally on spiritual travel and
sacred sites.

Greg was born in
Lawrenceburg, a little town in Tennessee, and grew up all over the United
States.  He settled in Texas, where
he received first his undergraduate degree, then a Master of Fine Arts in
Directing, both from the University of Houston.  His first career was as a theatre director, designer and
playwright, and he won many awards.
One of the pioneers of interactive multimedia design, Greg was the
founder, CEO and Artistic Director of the groundbreaking HyperBole Studios,
Inc. from 1990 until 2005.  Widely hailed as a visionary, his
breakthroughs and patents helped drive the exploding multimedia market in its
formative years.  A sought-after
and inspiring teacher and speaker, Greg has lectured and led workshops at some
of the world’s most prestigious conferences, companies and universities.

About five years ago, Greg
began to channel a group called the White Lodge, and much of his writing and
current work is based on channeled information or inspiration from this
group.  In his spare time, Greg
writes poetry and stories, and is currently beginning work on a book of
channeled material.  His podcasts,
which have been another creative outlet for him, have included channeled
material – Meditations for America (
and his own observations on sacred sites – Spirit of Place
( Greg has one daughter, Leslie, and splits his time
between Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA, when he is not traveling all over the
world in search of new spiritual growth and opportunities.

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