This is a letter from Greg Roach, my partner in Spirit Quest Tours.  This is an incredible opportunity, and we will personally cover $1000 of the cost of your trip if you sign up before Friday Nov. 9.  Got questions? Call us.
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Good Morning-
Halle and I first traveled to Egypt in 1998 and it changed our lives. In fact, that’s when Spirit Quest Tours was born.
Since then we’ve returned to Egypt many times and watched as hundreds of others experienced the same profound shifts that we did.
Egypt is a place like no other. The vital energy in the land itself is truly remarkable. And the temples and sacred sites are powerful spiritual technologies built to work in concert with this energy to awaken and transform human consciousness. The ancients recognized that our bodies are containers of the spirit, and they built their temples to mirror the human form, in perfect alignment with the cosmos. When we approach these spaces with intention, reverence and joy, they blossom around us and inside us, revealing the profound mystery at the heart of life and elevating our vibration and our perceptions.
Our experiences in the energy fields of Egypt have changed us completely.
And this December, during the most potent and pivotal days of the current age, 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, we’re going back on a special and unique tour: The Dawning:2012. Going back to the sacred Nile. Going back to the stillness and wonder of the Great Pyramid. Going back to unfathomable age of the Osirion. Going back to the source. Going back to remember…
This is the most important trip of my lifetime. We are returning to help usher in the dawn of a new era in the life of our planet. We are returning activate our highest purpose during this period of profound cosmic alignment. If you’re called too, then I won’t let anything stand in the way of you joining us.
If you have questions – call us at 877-406-5206
Join us on this pilgrimage of discovery and remembrance. Join us as we celebrate “The Dawning.”
Love & Blessings,