This is a follow on to a post from a guest blogger who was with us in Bali last year.  This came about very organically. One of the guests on our Eat Pray & Love Bali tour in May, Kiya Cote, wrote this wonderful report about the trip and sent it out as an ongoing newsletter to her clients. I so loved her writing and her experiences that I asked if she would allow me to repost her wonderful stories here, and voila!

The Bliss of Bali Part II

by Kiya Cote

Through the book and movie, the entire world knows the story of Elizabeth Gilbert, who went on a year long search for herself across Italy, India, and Indonesia. Her spiritual journey ultimately brought her to Bali, where she found true love for the first time in her life! She tells her inspirational story in the autobiographical best seller, EAT PRAY LOVE. Thus far, more than 8,000,000 people worldwide have read her story!

Elizabeth Gilbert’s personal transformation touched me deeply, as a woman…and as a Holistic Practitioner who empowers people to live the lives they truly want to live. Across the pages of EAT PRAY LOVE, I saw her doing what so many yearn to do…namely getting in touch with her “true self.”

When given the opportunity to travel to Bali on an EAT PRAY LOVE tour with Spirit Quest Tours, I had to say YES! I followed in her footsteps, having private sessions with Ketut Liyer, and Wayan, the Balinese healers who contributed so greatly to Elizabeth’s spiritual


KETUT, the medicine man, read my palm, and offered his wisdom…“You smart woman, you draw on energy from the Universe. Live very long life.” He looked at me intently and  said, “I will dream of you.” I returned his gaze and said, “And I will dream of you!”

And yes, we visited WAYAN, the healer who befriended Elizabeth…who in turn raised funds for Wayan to buy her very own house. At Wayan’s tiny café, we had energy readings, ate one of her famous Vitamin Lunches, and partook of her herbal remedies!

For eleven days, I lived within the pages of EAT, PRAY, LOVE! The fun and excitement was enhanced by meeting Yude, the musician who drove Elizabeth around Bali. And then…Kitty Yancey, travel writer for USA TODAY, interviewed the leaders of Spirit Quest Tours, and other members of our group!

The EAT PRAY LOVE phenomenon, and power of personal transformation, has spread around the world. To enthusiastically join in, you can read EAT PRAY LOVE (again, or for the first time!) See the movie, once or over and over again. And of course….travel to Bali with Spirit Quest Tours!

My life has been forever changed by Bali. And it is out of sheer delight that I share my stories with you! Live the life you long to have…!

Om Swastiastu (Balinese for “God’s blessings be upon you.”)


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Kiya Cote is a transformational healer and teacher—and a magical, mystical explorer oFrangipanif life. Highly accomplished the field of healing arts, she guides her clients and students to fully living and embodying their Soul Path in life. Her adventurous spirit has taken her on sacred journeys in both the inner and outer realms.

Her ability to tap into the higher plane of awareness has blessed her life, and the lives of others as well! The sheer joy of that spiritual connection, translates into creative endeavors—such as writing, teaching, healing and mentoring. Her enthusiasm for life opens a gateway for her to share her wisdom and wonder with the world!

Kiya feels truly “blessed and blissed” by her travels to Bali with Spirit Quest Tours, and is thrilled to share her stories with you! You can learn more about her at her Bali Blessings web site!

Copyright 2011 by Kiya Cote