Well, I’m trying something new… a guest blogger! This came about very organically.  One of the guests on our Eat Pray & Love Bali tour in May, Kiya Cote, wrote this wonderful report about the trip and sent it out as an ongoing newsletter to her clients.  I so loved her writing and her experiences that I asked if she would be allow me to repost her wonderful stories here, and voila! I’d love your feedback… enjoy!

The Bliss of Bali Part I

by Kiya Cote

My trip to Bali was fostered by Halle Eavelyn and Greg Roach at Spirit Quest Tours, two wonderful metaphysical folks, who take people on tours to sacred spots around the world. Our trip was enriched because they designed an EAT PRAY LOVE tour of Bali!

Alila Hotel Dining Room

The Restaurant at the Alila Hotel

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote the book, we did EAT, PRAY, and LOVE, Bali…with good fervor and flavor! The “EAT” part was delectable, sumptuous and delicious. It’s tantalizing to discover new foods that have never been tasted or even seen before!

Breakfast BLISS awaited us at the Alila Hotel! Each morning Alila would bestow upon us “anything and everything” we wanted for breakfast…out of a 4-5 page breakfast menu. Balinese hospitality and zest for delicious food, led many us to celebrate the beginning of our day with “four” breakfasts, instead of one! Indonesian spicy rice, unusual tropical fruits, smoothies, eggs, plus typical fare. Not to mention Jamu…a Balinese health drink made from turmeric and other herbs.

Black Rice Bowl

A bowl of black rice in Bali.

My favorite was Balinese Black Rice pudding, cooked to moist perfection, with palm sugar and coconut milk. So smitten was I with black rice, when I returned home, I ordered a 25# bag of Black Japonica Rice from Whole Foods. It’s now a nourishing mainstay in my kitchen!

There were more delicious adventures in our EAT, PRAY, LOVE tour. After walking in the rice fields at Gullingan Village, we feasted on a Balinese banquet prepared just for us! Fried sweet potatoes and tapioca balls were among the bounteous offerings. YUM!

Lunch at Gulingen Village

Lunch at Gulingen Village

Fried Sweet Potatoes at Gulingen

Fried Sweet Potatoes at Gulingen

And then…great platters of seafood at Jimbaran Bay, with our tables out on the sand at night. Fresh coconut water, straight from a coconut, at the midway point of a rafting trip. And a sumptuous meal at the famous Café Luna in Ubud…an internationally known restaurant and cooking school.

As I traveled through Bali, I feasted on my experiences…and on fabulous fragrant food!


KIYA Frangipani

Kiya Cote Photo Kiya Cote is a transformational healer and teacher—and a magical, mystical explorer of life. Highly accomplished the field of healing arts, she guides her clients and students to fully living and embodying their Soul Path in life. Her adventurous spirit has taken her on sacred journeys in both the inner and outer realms.

Her ability to tap into the higher plane of awareness has blessed her life, and the lives of others as well! The sheer joy of that spiritual connection, translates into creative endeavors—such as writing, teaching, healing and mentoring. Her enthusiasm for life opens a gateway for her to share her wisdom and wonder with the world!

Kiya feels truly “blessed and blissed” by her travels to Bali with Spirit Quest Tours, and is thrilled to share her stories with you!  You can learn more about her at her Bali Blessings web site!

Copyright 2010 by Kiya Cote