Day-1-Tamchong-Lhakkang1-300x131Arrive at Paro International Airport from Bangkok.

Paro is situated in a beautiful valley at 2280 metres and is a fitting introduction to this charming kingdom.

Our guide will take us on a short one-hour drive along the Paro and Thimphu river valleys to Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, at 2320 metres. You can stop on the way to enjoythe magnificent Tamchhog Lhakhang, the hereditary place of worship for Bhutan’s iron bridge builder.

Take a late afternoon walk around town and soak in the atmosphere of this magical capital with its busy shops and bazaars and photogenic citizens in national dress.

If you would like to view or buy Bhutanese handicrafts we will visit the new market opposite Taj Tashi hotel, which has an array of stalls run by handicraft shops selling exclusively local goods.

Meals included: Dinner