I’ve talked about spiritual staycations and why to take spiritual trips, but what do you GET from this type of experience? For me and for many of the guests we take on our tours, there are many gifts that we bring home and continue to receive long after the trip itself is over, perhaps even for the rest of our lives. Here are some of my favorites…

1)   Peace – Moving out of your everyday business gives you the ability to get centered.  That gives you a peace that can last long after your spiritual journey has concluded.

adventure-travel2)   Mindfulness – So often we forget to pay attention to the moments of the day.  If you’ve got that “I’ve gotta get up tomorrow and do it all over again” feeling it’s likely because you need a break so that you can remember to slow down and enjoy. When you travel, it’s easier to be mindful because everything is new, so when you return home you can bring that awareness with you; even if it’s just to be mindful of each sip of your morning latte, focusing makes you more aware throughout each day.

3)   Beginning something new – On your spiritual journey, you can start a meditation, yoga, or journaling practice that you never seemed to make time for.  Once you see the value of it in your life, you will be more likely to make room for it when you’re back home.

4)   Healing Fear – Whether you went white water rafting or just ate a new food, you probably did something on your trip that you thought you were afraid of.  Don’t be surprised if you find that something that always scared you is now ready to be conquered, or if you are less afraid in general because of your spiritual journey. Moving out of your comfort zone will change you and (if you let it) permanently.


5)   Allowing – You are either allowing, or you are in resistance. When you allow good into your life, you invite more good into your life, and the same is true of negative things – how many people do you know who complain about all the bad things that happen to them; it’s a vicious cycle. Allowing all the good that happens while you are away can lead to allowing more of that energy once you return, a cycle you can encourage.


No matter what you do on your spiritual journey, it’s an opportunity for you to welcome in the gifts you receive while you are gone and then continue on that path, building on it until your next tour, trip, or retreat, and continuing that expansion.