Rev. Ayanna Mojica is the Founder of The Golden Chalice Mystery School and The Path of the Magdalen.

Mary Magdalene, Maria Magdalena, Miriam of Magdala she is the Divine Feminine known by many names. Some know her as the repentant prostitute. Others know her as the consort of Yeshua, the Christed One.  From the Gospels we know Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus Christ resurrected from the tomb. Because of this she is considered the “apostle of the apostles.” I know her simply as The Magdalen.

I have been blessed to share my personal experience with this Great Avatar and Ascended Master. Her message is dynamic and powerful. Her Voice calls our hearts and urges us higher in our human evolution. The Magdalen woos us deeper into soul merge with the Beloved One. As Black Magdalen, I have become her Voice, the Voice of the Magdalen – one voice amongst many.

My first encounter with The Magdalen came during a life crisis, which left me broke, broken and depressed. I was confused. I wondered what wanted to be created from the seemingly rubbles of my life. In the summer of 2009, I spent many hours in deep meditation. I surrendered to the unknown and called to the Beloved within to bring clarity and a new vision. One day, The Magdalen embraced me with her loving presence. Through my crown chakra, I received high resonating activations, initiations, and transmissions as well as teachings and practices in what She calls “The Path of the Magdalen,” the Magdalen Egyptian Isis lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy. Over several weeks, I experienced intense ecstatic waves of bliss. The Magdalen had captured my heart, life and soul, and experienced a new Passionate Purpose and Sacred Service.

Since that auspicious encounter with The Magdalen, I have been honored to mentor women and men in her teachings, which go beyond what have been printed in historical books, commentaries or channeled readings. The teachings of The Magdalen include sacred knowledge, prophetic vision and insight. Her teachings focus on the inner initiations and direct knowing, the “gnosis” and union with the Divine, accessed powerfully through sacred sexual alchemy. These teachings gently nudge us towards the path of sacred marriage, the Hieros Gamos, the merge into One.

Now is the time when deeper truths and advanced knowledge are being released to those who are willing vessels and have prepared themselves as the Golden Chalice or the Holy Grail. The Magdalen, along with her Beloved Yeshua, are pointing the way as models of Divine Union within oneself first; then if you choose, with another.

Through the Voice of the Magdalen, I share historical knowledge, selected resources, and insights into and from The Magdalen. The person Mary Magdalene can be venerated, but most of all her Voice will be heard.

Be blessed with Joy in her honor,

Black Magdalen

Rev. Ayanna is leading her first Path of the Magdalen tour to Southern France this Fall.