Have you ever wanted to explore a Hawaiian island’s deeper meanings, learning the energies of the sacred places that are one with nature? Spirit Quest Tours’ first trip to Kaua’i takes place this October. Tour leader Yves Nager offers these thoughts about one of his favorite spots for transformation, in this week’s guest blog post: 

Kaua’i, also called the Garden Isle, is home to many heart-shaped taro plants. Polynesian legends describe how the taro plant existed even before the first humans. An ancient chant recounts how Wakea (god of the sky) had to bury his first son because the child was born as a shapeless mass. The next day a taro plant grew up from the same location and Wakea named the plant-child Haloanaka (long, trembling stem). Wakea’s second son was a boy whom Wakea named Haloa Naka Lau Kapalili (long stalk quaking, trembling leaf stem). He was considered to be the first human, thus the taro plant was the oldest ancestor of all humans.

Cliffs of Kauai

In ancient times, Kaua’i was regarded as a sacred island where individuals were invited or called. Certain spots on the island used for ceremonies held special energy since here participants were initiated and prepared for specific work on their heart and soul journey. Hawaiians believe that all things sacred or revered waited for the right time to be revealed. Today many people feel drawn not only to the sparkling blue green waters and lush green lands of Kaua’i, but to the sacredness of the island itself, which emanates and mirrors this purity, freedom and wisdom to them.


Tour Leaders Yves Nager & Eunjung Choi on their favorite island

The Hawaiian Islands, as other Polynesian Islands, are believed to be the tops of former Lemuria or Mu, one of the ancient legendary civilizations. It is also believed that the Hawaiian Islands represent the seven main chakras of the human energetic body. Kaua’i represents unique energies of both the third eye chakra and the crown, whereas the Big Island of Hawai’i is much more grounding and connected to the root chakra, for example. Veils between the different worlds are very thin on Kaua’i, allowing us to fully connect and co-create with the Divine Spirit and other dimensions.

Kauai spiritual tour To me and many others, Kaua’i represents a wonderful example of balance and harmony between the seen and unseen. Kaua’i has a goddess-oriented energy that honors the path of both masculine and feminine energies, therefore allowing us to fully connect and play with our inner child. I met many others who have had profound experiences when they spend time on this beautiful garden island, not only through knowing (on the level of the mind) but truly feeling in their hearts that we all are meant to experience such beauty, oneness and heaven on earth.