Whether you’re looking for the perfect wintry destination or to exchange the cold for more pleasurable temperate climates, there’s a winter romantic vacation for everyone. These range from relaxing hot springs nestled in the snowy countryside of Hokkaido to hiking together through the sun-soaked peaks or the vast grasslands of Patagonia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the relaxed, luxurious couple or the more adventurous couple, we have the scoop on the best destinations to warm your winter and your heart.

Quebec City, Canada

A truly romantic winter getaway for those who love historic places. The snowy hills of Quebec City overlooking the Saint Lawrence River are the idyllic winter landscape. The city skyline is dominated by the iconic and fairytale-like Chateau Frontenac hotel. Wine and dine in secluded restaurants and stroll through the city’s Historic District of Old Quebec. Take your leisure at the Winter Carnival, or visit the nearby Montmorency Falls for a breathtaking winter sight.

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. Photo: Lima Pix via Flickr

Istria, Croatia

Istria is a charming region in Croatia located on the seaside with the nearby rolling hills of Motovun. Enjoy the fresh seaside air or walk the cobblestoned streets of hilltop towns. A romantic winter getaway for those looking for a less-crowded destination that is the epitome of European charm. There are restaurants with gorgeous views and curving cobblestone streets to explore the hidden gems there. A cosy and quiet getaway for two.

Old Town Istria, Croatia. Photo: Max Pixel

Hotsprings of Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan and a wintry getaway with numerous onsen, or Japanese hot springs, tucked away in snowy landscapes. So, whether you take a trip for two to Sapporo or Hakodate, be sure to book a stay at a traditional Japanese hotel where you and your significant other can enjoy private onsen and kaiseki, the traditional Japanese fine-dining cuisine. Take in the silence of a snow-filled landscape while relaxing in the warmth of the hot springs.

Photo: Kozu_Uee via Pixabay

Northern Lights in Finland

Perhaps the ultimate winter romantic vacation, Kakslauttenan in Finland allows couples to book glass-domed igloos which allow for beautiful views of the Northern Lights. Located in a stunning woodland landscape, star-gazing while watching the Aurora Borealis in the privacy of your own igloo is sure to be one of the most memorable winter getaways.

Kakslauttenan Arctic Resort. Photo: Greenland Travel via Flickr

Prague, Czech Republic

The most fairytale-like romantic vacation in winter. Prague’s snow-capped castle and the city’s historic architecture make this European travel destination a great alternative to tourist-populated Paris. The Bohemian city is home to many attractions for a date for two: art galleries, eccentric museums, tea & coffeehouses, and restaurants to enjoy a meal for two. A moonlit-stroll along the statue-lined Charles Bridge leading to Prague Castle sparkling with light is as romantic as a scene from a movie.

The bridges of Prague

Photo: LubosHouska via Pixabay

Patagonia, South America

For the more adventurous couple, there is Patagonia, a region of mountains, grasslands and deserts spanning two South American countries, Chile and Argentina. While it’s winter in the northern hemisphere it’s summer in Patagonia, making this a great winter destination for the adventurous and the sun-chasing couple. Take in the breathtaking natural beauty and enjoy a bit of time away from the rest of the world in the secluded mountains and valleys at the ends of South America.

Miguel Vieira via Wikimedia Commons

Taormina, Sicily

If you want to enjoy snowy views while still luxuriating in the warmth of sunshine then Taormina in Sicily is the place to be. This romantic vacation is for the sun-lovers looking to relax in a beautiful Sicilian town and to wine and dine, all with stunning views of a snow-capped Mount Etna in the distance. Enjoy cocktails for two in the shade of palm trees while admiring Etna’s wintry peak. It’s off-season in Sicily so Taormina is the travel destination for any couple looking to escape to somewhere free of tourists for a more intimate winter getaway.

Snow-capped Mount Etna. Photo: Mananyu via Pixabay

Hainan, China

For the more tropical beach-inclined, your winter romantic vacation should be the southernmost island of Hainan in China. Hainan’s tropical beaches are a haven for the sun-worshippers during winter. White sand beaches, pristine views of the South China Sea, palm trees, and cocktails. For the couple who wants a lesser-known sunny destination, Sanya Bay or Yalong Bay are literally tropical paradises for travel in the winter time.

Yalong Bay in Hainan. Photo: Edwin Poon via Flickr

Gisborne, New Zealand

Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand overlooks the Pacific Ocean to the east and is bordered by mountains to the west. Most importantly it is the first place to see the dawn so you and your partner can be the first people in the world to watch the sunrise. The natural beauty of the landscape is enough to take your breath away. There are stunning places to visit come sunrise or sunset and beaches in which to relax. It may be winter for half of the world but in Gisborne you’ll be soaking in the summer sunshine.

Pourewa Island in the Gisborne region of New Zealand. Photo: Ulrich Lange via Wikimedia Commons

Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Another lesser-known romantic winter travel destination to catch some summer sunshine. The Cape Peninsula in South Africa is a stunning region containing the Cape Floral region, vineyards, and mountains meeting the sea. Relax on the beaches of the gorgeous Hout Bay and maybe, just maybe, you might forget it’s snowing elsewhere in the world. This hideaway is the perfect romantic getaway for two tucked away at the ends of Africa.

Hout Bay. Photo: traveldudes via Pixabay

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