4 Day extension to FEZ

For our extension, we visit the ancient, mystical city of Fez, as well as exploring the nearby sacred cities of Moulay Yacoub and Moulay Idriss and the Roman city of Volubulis. Here’s we’ll peer deeply into the essence of Sufism.

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Sufism is the mystical aspect of Islam – one that eagerly welcomes all seekers of ecstatic experience. It is music, it is sinuous movement, it is a glorious, and liberal, path to melding with the divine in transcendent states of consciousness. Sufi culture, beliefs, and rituals show a different face of Islam: gentle, mystical, blissful.

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Fez, the third largest city in Morocco and a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also called the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa”. The city was founded on the bank of the Jawhar River in 789 by Moulay Idris. Ever since then, the city has had been the home to many civilizations including Arabs, the Berber descents, Fatimids, Idrissids,  Maghrawa, Wattasid Dynasty, and the Ottoman Empire.

As a result, the city is an intoxicating mix culture and traditions, with beautiful and unique mosques. Fez is truly one of the most memorable cities in the world.

In Fez we will stay at Riad Salam, a magnificent and unique guest house situated in medina but in a very quiet and peaceful area. The guest house has spacious rooms with amazing sitting area near the pool, a perfect place to spend relaxing evenings after our day’s exploration.