March 28 – April 10, 2015

Few places on Earth embody the principle of the miraculous like Egypt.

The Ancients left behind a legacy of manifestation in perfect alignment with the cosmic blueprint held deep in the heart of creation. Few modern works reveal the machinery of love beating in the heart of life like A Course In Miracles.


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Stand between the Paws of the Sphinx

During our PRIVATE VISIT our Egyptian guide, who is an encyclopedia of Egyptology, will give us detailed examinations of various controversial theories surrounding these amazing structures.  We will also do some special toning here to awaken the energy even further.

Visit the Great Pyramid

Open your heart and listen – feel the energy of the spirits…experience the most remarkable Wonder of the World: the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau.

We are blessed with a private visit inside the Great Pyramid and an initiation in the King’s Chamber. This is the spiritual keystone that will lock all of our work in place: in our psyches, our energy bodies, our hearts, our minds and in the divine matrix of creation on the invisible planes of causality. The spiritual technology of the Great Pyramid is a powerful resonator/amplifier for our intentions, so we will apply our conscious will toward creating profound change in our lives, and in the world.

Accommodations at the Incredible  Mena House

Relax as we check into the Mena House, one of the most spectacular hotels of the world.   The former hunting palace of the Khedive Ismael (the last King of Egypt), the Mena House boasts 140 years of history.  Join the ranks of former guests such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Princess Grace, and royalty from all over the world.  But perhaps best of all will be the view from the hotel grounds – where the Great Pyramid fills the sky like a mountain. (Pyramid view room, add $35 per person per night)

Visit Luxor and stay aboard a fabulous 5-star private cruise ship…

A gorgeous 5-star cruise private ship will be our home for 8 nights, a truly world-class experience.  Nothing can prepare you for the magic of sailing the Nile. On-board amenities include our private chef who will take care of your every need, a Jacuzzi, two decks, a private lounge with guest library, and internet access.

Visit Luxor Temple at night!

Luxor is home to the greatest concentration of antiquities on the planet. Known as Thebes in the ancient world, Luxor is a friendly and fascinating mixture of the ancient and modern, the metropolitan and the rustic.  Our home for our stay in and for the next eight nights is the incredible Afandina, where we stay on the Thebes (Valley of the Kings) side of the Nile, avoiding all the big cruise ships and enjoying the peace of the local scene.

One evening, we will have a night visit to the magnificent structure of Luxor Temple.  Here is where R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz developed his revolutionary Symbolist Interpretation; science, art, religion and philosophy are fused into one vast, coherent whole.  Experience the Avenue of the Sphinxes, the great hypostyle hall, the working mosque, nearly a thousand years old, right on the temple grounds. Part of the largest temple complex in the world, Luxor is not to be missed.

Visit Dendera and Abydos Temples, the Osirion and the Flower of Life…

In the early morning, we will drive to Dendera Temple, one of Egypt’s most beautiful temples, which is dedicated to Hathor, Goddess of Love, Music and Joy.  Here we meditate in the Chapel of Nut, the birthing room, as well as seeing the world’s oldest sundial, and graffiti from Napoleon’s soldiers.

Then on to Abydos, one of the most spellbinding spots in Egypt. Here at the Temple of Seti I is the birth of  the Rameses style. Among the temple’s special features are the Seven Axial Chapels, whose reliefs number among the most beautiful in Egyptian art, and the ancient, enigmatic Osirion, home to the Flower of Life: the most important symbol in sacred geometry. We’ll also see the bizarre “future vision” hieroglyphs which seem to show tanks, planes and helicopters. Our ceremony here, in the Chapel of Osiris, is one of our most sacred. No pilgrimage to Egypt is complete without visiting Abydos.

Visit Thebes, the Valley of the Kings…

The day is devoted to Thebes as we visit the Valley of the Kings, where the great and mysterious funerary texts (“The Books of the Dead”) are exquisitely painted or carved into walls.  We continue our visits to Mednat Habu, called by the Egyptians themselves “the most splendid of all”, and then on to the immense Colossi of Memnon.  We will also stop atan alabaster factory in the Valley, where we can buy wonderful pieces for just a fraction of what we would pay at home.

Visit Karnak Temple…

Karnak temple is home to all the energies of the largest spiritual site in the world.  Once connected to Luxor Temple, two miles away, by a long avenue of Sphinxes (now almost fully restored), Karnak is dedicated to the Powers of Creation and exhibits profound solar alignments. Karnak is the theater in which humanity plays out its destiny.  After exploring the temple, we’ll move to the “Chapel of Sekhmet,” to experience one of our most powerful and beautiful initiations.

The Temple of Kom Ombo…

We sail to Kom Ombo, the temple dedicated to two deities: the crocodile god, Sobek, and Horus the Elder, the innate potential for enlightenment dormant within each of us.  Kom Ombo was a famous healing temple in ancient days and is now both a gloriously picturesque edifice and an energy-filled ruin overlooking a bend in the Nile. After our ceremony here, we continue sailing through the countryside of Egypt on our way to the city of Edfu.

Visit the Temple of Horus…

Visit the best-preserved temple in Egypt, the fabulous Temple of Horus the Avenger – the falcon god. Consecrated to Horus and to Set, it is the embodiment of the principles of self-mastery and resurrection; balancing the forces of dark and light. Our initiation will encompass all these themes as we empower the Horus within us.

Visit Sakkhara Temple 

Visit the magnificent Old Kingdom site of Sakkhara, the home of King Zoser’s Step Pyramid. We’ll explore some of the Old Kingdom’s most important “noble’s tombs” with theirstunning relief carving that vividly bring to life the everyday world of Egypt, more than 2000 years before the birth of Christ. At Sakkhara we accelerate our spiritual work with a ceremony and initiation to open the third eye chakra. The ancient Egyptians showed the uraeus – the rearing cobra – sitting on the brow of the pharaoh as a symbol of the enlightened consciousness and the awakened perception of the initiate (just as the snake is the symbol of the kundalini energy in the Vedic system of India).

The site at Sakkhara is crowned with carvings of rearing cobras – a clear indication of the spiritual energies which are found here and which are amplified and focused by the temple structure. This will be the focus of our initiation at this site: enabling our powers of discernment and clear-sight – critical tools that we’ll rely on for the rest of our pilgrimage and a certain sign of the initiate.

On the way back, stop at The Sakkhara Carpet Academy for our first opportunity for some serious shopping: magnificent hand-loomed silk and wool rugs, woven by the locals. A terrific Egyptian lunch awaits you as well! Evenings in Giza are spent exploring or relaxing, and of course you can always shop into the evenings.

Enjoy a Felucca Ride…

The graceful temple and surrounding buildings of Philae were meticulously moved stone by stone from its ancient site (now submerged) to its new, higher, island home in the middle of the lake.  Today it gives us – modern men and women with modern machines and incredible technical knowledge – great insight into what the ancient and intelligent peoples of the world could do with only simple technology and the will to create.

The Nubian Market…

“The Pearl of Egypt!”  With its colorful Nubian bazaar, laid-back atmosphere, warm and wonderful people and a lovely promenade along the Nile, Aswan is a favorite city in Egypt for many visitors.


Dine on fabulous local cuisine throughout our journey; eat at some of the best places in Cairo and throughout our Nile cruise enjoy meals cooked by our own private chef.  Vegetarians can be accommodated easily and meals are usually macrobiotic and always fresh and delicious!

* Itinerary is subject to change due to reasons beyond our control.

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