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We want to send you a little gift when you schedule an intuitive travel call with us because we appreciate you, and we appreciate the opportunity to give.

It is Thanks Giving, after all!

What we won’t do on our call is attempt to sell you anything…

Simply, we are not a regular travel company. We are here to help you.

We know you will travel with us when you’re ready, whenever that may be.

The first time I took a spiritual tour, to Egypt about fifteen years ago, I personally experienced such a profound transformation that the light switch went into permanent ON.

Six months ago, it happened again in Bali – an upleveling to my next stage of growth.

My calling, it turns out, is to help people find similar transformational experiences through travel – even if it’s not with us!

So on our call, please feel free to ask me anything about anywhere you want to go.

If I’ve been there, I’ll tell you what I know about making that a fantastic journey for you. If not, I’d be happy to find out for you, refer you to one of our wonderful spiritual travel partners who have a trip there, or at least point you in the right direction.

Of course if you are curious about why I went from solo travel to leading group trips, I’d be more than happy to share some of those stories with you, too.

And I can guarantee two things:

First – you are going to love the Chocolate or Tea.

Both are amazing and, we promise: there are no strings attached. It’s not our vibe.

Second – I guarantee that on our call, we are there to answer your questions.

I guarantee that we will not ask you “So which tour do you want to put a deposit on today?”

I can’t wait to talk with you!


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