Day 9-13 April 18th-22nd

We explore the ancient city of Fez, attending the Sufi Festival, learning from Sufi masters and master craftsmen and artists (calligraphy, dance, stucco carving), as well as exploring the nearby sacred cities of Moulay Yacoub and Moulay Idriss.

We will stay in the stunning Riad El Yacout, a guest house in the heart of the medina of Fez, restored in the state of the art and tradition by the artisans of Fez universal heritage city in Morocco.

The Riad features a garden with central fountains, a Moroccan living room, a Hammam, sculpted cedar doors, luxuriously appointed suites and two terraces with beautiful views over the medina.

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Sufism is the mystical aspect of Islam – one that eagerly welcomes all seekers of ecstatic experience. It is music, it is sinuous movement, it is a glorious, and liberal, path to melding with the divine in transcendent states of consciousness. Sufi culture, beliefs, and rituals show a different face of Islam: gentle, mystical, blissful.

The Sufi Culture Festival In Fez is a joyous celebration of Sufism, Life and Art. Moroccan culture has been deeply influenced by Sufism. The week long Sufi Culture Festivals brings together artists, musicians, thinkers, writers, and spiritual seekers who delve into the mysteries of Sufism through dance, music, poetry and art.

In addition to the festival activities, we’ll create our own roads into the heart of Sufism: through workshops in Calligraphy, day trips to spiritual sites, music and dance, and conversations with Sufi masters.


Mohammed Azizi

Our time of spiritual immersion and discovery will culminate with a private “Aissawa Lila” with acclaimed Aissawa master Mohammed Azizi Fez and his company.

The Aissawa is in ancient  tradition of ecstatic movement and music to transport the participants into higher realms of consciousness.

Mohammed Azizi is one of the greatest living Aissawa masters. He and his troupe of musicians will guide us, as Aissawa masters have for centuries, through an incredible 5 hour “Lila” of transcendent music, ritual and chant that will lift our consciousness, our spirits, and our souls, up to the highest realms of contact with the divine.

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