April 10-22

Optional extension April 22-25


Morocco – “the Magreb” or “the West” – is an ancient kingdom that lies at a Magical crossroads of culture, language and history that has produced one the richest, most compelling and most beautiful countries on the planet.

From the azure waters of the Mediterranean coast, to the stunning peaks of the high Atlas Mountains, on to the breathtaking trackless ocean of ruby sand called the Sahara, Morocco boasts a majestic, and amazingly varied, geography.

Berber walking with camel at Erg Chebbi, Morocco

This physical richness is perfectly complimented by a melding of culture and language almost without peer.  Spanish, French, Moorish and Portuguese influences mingle with the indigenous Berber and Toureg nomads as well as peoples from deeper into equatorial Africa to create a mosaic of music, dance, spirituality, art, architecture, cuisine and language that is truly dazzling and utterly unique.

Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez… These are the storied cities of a grand past.

Caravans carrying precious spices and jewels. Proud nomadic Berber tribes, fierce Toureg natives – the fabled “Blue Men” of the desert. Unrivaled hospitality. Staggering power and natural beauty. The Sahara – the great waterless ocean – boasts all this and more. We’ll ride camels towards the setting sun where we’ll find our luxurious Berber camp, and dine on a sumptuous meal under a riot of diamond stars flung across the coal black sky.