Greg_n_Halle-go-to_BotinThe days are long, but the years are short.

Life has that way of just sweeping you along in the current. One day to the next, one year to the next and there comes that moment when you realize this simple fact.

Dust has collected in the chalice of your soul.

Unfortunately, it just nearly impossible to find the fountain of youth in your day-to-day life. Oh, you may get a drop of it in a yoga class or glimpse it in a travel magazine.

It is also impossible for a tourist to find it, and it will elude any who seek it on an ordinary vacation, because we’re talking about going to the Fountain’s source.

We have taken many travelers to this place where you have unrestricted access to dive in and emerge with your entire being, body and soul gleaming from millions of droplets of the Fountain reflecting the light beaming from your very core.

When you return from a visit to this Fountain, your friends will try to figure out what has happened to you!  New clothes? Change in diet? How can this person they know be so much more vibrant, warm and at peace?

You will tell them the story of your journey of transformation. You will tell them how it started from a strange page of the internet where you were skeptical about this so called “Fountain of Youth.” And how you were intrigued by some testimonials from other Spirit Quest Travelers talking about their visits to the Fountain:

Having traveled a fair amount, I was somewhat reluctant to join a group/tour. During the trip, I came to realize that traveling with Spirit Quest added dimensions of experience that would be impossible to achieve on my own. It was a pleasure to meet a group of like-minded people from all backgrounds and to enjoy the sharing and energy they had to offer.

“The trip to Bali was life-altering. I know Bali is a special place and I would’ve returned with a WOW. But experiencing Bali with you and the group added so much more, leaving me with WOW-WEE!!!!!!!!!”

And then you noticed there was this photo and though they were strangers… you recognized the people in the photographs as friends:

Sphinxing Around

Your friends keep asking you, though — exactly where is the Fountain? Is it in Bali? Bhutan? Morocco? Egypt? Washington, DC? Cuba? Which of these fabulous, exotic or historic places is it?!?!

You tell them, “The Fountain is in each place! Actually, the Fountain of Youth lives inside each of us, but the path gets overgrown with the weeds of everyday living. We get habitualized and stop seeing and feeling wonder. When the wonder goes, the path disappears.”

“But the path reveals itself at the end of a journey! It’s found in the company of others, each on their own Spirit Quest to find the Fountain that flows inside their hearts.”

You can see the same desire you felt welling up in your friends:

“You find it with the help of capable guides who have led many others before, and who know the secret, private ways into the sacred places of the world.”

A friend asks, “Do we have to rough it?! I want the Fountain of youth, but I’m not about to try and be some backpacker staying in hostels!!”

You laugh, remembering the luxe accommodations and having your every need met. You tell your friend that your guides also had all the right connections – you fully confirm the same experience as this traveler:

Spiritual_Pilgrimage_1_LG“To my Fellow Quest Guides and Adventurers: This trip has been the best event I have ever had in my life time so far. Everything just went with the flow. All of the places we visited were so wonderful and the information received from your guides, that you had chosen, was so informative to the point of amazement. The places we stayed in were all spectacular and the service was gratefully appreciated. Transitions were smooth, personal development was immense, spiritual growth was enormous and the love within the group amplified. I have to have a rest. if I am ever to make another tour!! Jam packed with entertainment and adventure. Rest was at your own risk if you did not want to miss out on something. I have made some wonderful life long friendships from this tour. I am indeed truly grateful for Halle and Greg, not only for meeting these amazing people but getting to see and spend spiritual time in the best locations in the world with them. I thank you.”

If you are ready to claim this story as your own, then we can’t wait to meet you. Please do not delay in picking up the phone to chat with us, to ask us the hundred questions that may be on your mind about a place to go, or about anything on your mind at all. We can also put you in contact with someone who has been on the trip you are most drawn to take.

From time to time, we are also asked to create completely customized tours for individuals, couples and small groups. Our intention is to guide you to finding, rediscovering and increasing your bliss.

If now isn’t the best time to for you to jump on the phone – just put your information below and we will be happy to give you a call back at a convenient time for you.

You will also receive a complimentary pass to our Virtual Visits tour and our Postcards from Spirit Quest Tours eZine, with photo essays, stories and tips for the road.

Your journey starts when you decide it should. Today is that day… right now is your moment.Greg and Halle in Bali

We look forward to helping you find your next path along the journey.


Halle & Greg