America’s Mysteries

Sept 16-21, 2014 


First Divison Monument Eisenhower Executive Office WashingtonDid you know that Washington DC is full of encrypted messages that are a symbolic record of the struggle for liberation? Its buildings, statues, monuments and inscriptions were placed here with purpose and intent for those who choose to see.

Our nation’s capital is actually a shrine for the alchemy that has taken place in the consciousness of humanity and its modern legacy.

DC has many examples of the esoteric influences that gave rise from a swamp on the Atlantic coast to a temple of democracy. The Washington monument is an obelisk of Egyptian design striving to connect heaven and earth.


The Capitol depicts the Apotheosis of Washington — George Washington mingling with a pantheon of gods: Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Vulcan and America’s own Columbia — all in a celestial state.

Throughout the city are secrets hidden in plain sight that show all that influenced the transformation and the deep shifts that we inherited.

Join Greg Roach and Master Mason Michael Long – with their combined 60 years of esoteric wisdom – as they take a deep look at the seeds our Founding Fathers sowed for America. Together we will lift the veil of modern DC to glimpse its fantastic spiritual underpinnings. You’ll never see America the same way again!