Are you in charge of an organization, church or University department?

If so, we can arrange a special tour just for your group, to just about anywhere!

We’ll work with you to define a custom itinerary, we’ll handle all the details, marketing, etc. and you will get to travel for free, your people will get a “trip of a lifetime” and your organization will receive a donation or fee. Everybody wins.

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Spirit Quest Tours creates luxury trips to almost anywhere on the planet.

We often work with organizations or individuals to create an incredible transformational trip for your guests or congregation members. Spirit Quest Tours provides a full package for the chosen destination: vetted local guides and accommodations as well as daily tours, transport, meals, etc. and will send someone from the company to assist on the ground if desired.

In addition, we can handle all of the logistics—from creating a website for the tour all the way through collecting the money. Your tour leader travels for free, gets an exotic vacation, and doesn’t have to deal with any of the headaches!

What do we have to pay for/how do we get paid?

We offer each tour leader a full land package and air, with a minimum of 10 sign-ups. We will give you a wholesale price, and you can add a per-guest honorarium/fee of your choosing on top of that to create the retail price. This can go directly to you or to your church/organization as a fundraiser. It makes for a wonderful fundraiser that people talk about for years!

Who gets the guests to come?

Your guests will be interested in both the tour itself AND spending time with your tour leader. You are ultimately responsible for bringing the folks on the trip. Spirit Quest Tours will create all of the marketing materials (printing is up to you; we will provide final artwork for both online and print), create a web page, and advertise the tour on our site.

Who handles the logistics/travel/air/back end/office/paperwork/questions/calls?

We do! Spirit Quest Tours handles every single aspect of the trip. Based on where you tell us you want to travel and general dates, we will create a customized trip exactly to your needs. We don’t want this to add any workload for you or your staff members, and we want the leader to go and be able to focus on really enjoying the experience, and not have to do any work, either.

What kinds of trips and where?

Spirit Quest Tours offers endless possibilities!! From an Eat Pray Love tour to Bali to a gastro-spiritual food tour of Spain (feeding body, mind and spirit) we can create tours around a topic, a region, or even an idea. The one connecting through-line is that all our tours have a spiritual aspect. Possible destinations include the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as countries in South and Central America
and the Cayman Islands. Some of our most popular previous destinations include: Bali, Singapore, China, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, England, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco.