USA TODAY loves Spirit Quest Tours!The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Halle Eavelyn of Spirit Quest Tours, a striking redhead wearing peace-sign earrings, pulls out her iPad and reads from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love about the joys of Naples pizza. That has nothing to do with Bali, of course, but the group — mainly female fans of Gilbert’s post-divorce journey to fulfillment by eating in Italy, meditating in India and falling for a sexy Brazilian in Bali — hopes to have her life-transforming experiences, or at least follow in her footsteps.

They’ve dressed in white to pray at Balinese temples and done yoga. After lunch, they’ll consult with Ketut Liyer, an aged Balinese healer who is a central character in Gilbert’s book.

“I read it and was so moved. I saw this woman become herself,” says tour participant Kiya Coté, 60, a San Francisco-area holistic practitioner. “And I’ve always wanted to come to Bali.”

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